Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gasper Scott

Continuing from my previous post we also have a "May 18, 19, _, 21, _, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster in the works.

I will investigate the first gap.  On the May 20th wiki page, using the formula we arrive at:
They each factor in one way or another, butt this one stands out:
Yevgeni Vassilyevich Khrunov (September 10, 1933 – May 19, 2000)
It's his birthday that stands out... together with this excerpt from my previous post:
  • Kenkichi Iwasawa (September 11, 1917 – October 26, 1998) 
It should be noted that according to his wiki page he died on May 19 and not May 20... butt then again the inner twin world often generate what appears to be "mistakes" and "accidents"-- another trade mark signature.

In the List of Deaths on the May 20th wiki page my eye just happened to catch another whose
Name stands out :
  • 1995 – Les Cowie, Australian rugby league player (b. 1925) 
 He was listed above Robert Normann... also a name that stands out-- a cryptic reference to Rob MacGregor who lives in "North America" and so a "Normann"... with the twin 'nn' at the end being a typical inner twin signature flourish!!  The name Less Cowie is a cryptic "less cowardice"... which the inner twin world have pointed out, Rob is renown for. And that is why they have designated bright lemon yellow for his birthday-- May 16.  Note from Less Cowie's wiki page:
  • Leslie Gordon Cowie (May 17, 1925 - May 20, 1995)
Note the cryptic "Less lie" in his first name-- a call for Rob MacGregor to start telling the truth... even though it's not his particular MO!! That would be my Tou Sense Worth.  And note Cowie's  birthday-- just one off from Rob MacGregor's birthday.  So we now have a:
May 16, 17, 18, 19(x2), 21, _, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster  
As for May 22nd?!   I was going to leave that one for Rob, butt there's no use holding my breath on that, wright Rob?!   That would be like telling the truth, and he has made it clear that it's not his MO.  So, cowardice put aside, on the May 22nd wiki page, using the formula, I arrive first at:

  • Gaspar Schott (5 February 1608 – 22 May 1666)
Great Scott!!  The name MacGregor is Scottish.   So Gaspar is a cryptic gasper ... as in gasping for breath-- the inner twin worlds way of driving home the danger-- inevitable water rising and inundundating the MacGregor's home in Florida.  And so Scott's birthday must somehow factor in.  Again using the formula, note the following from the February 5 wiki page: