Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dott Or I...

Continuing from my previous post I left off with:
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Otto Buchsbaum (May 2, 1920 – August 5, 2000)
  •  Tullio Crali (December 1910, in Igalo – 5 August 2000)
  • Sir Alec Guinness (2 April 1914 – 5 August 2000)  
The birthdays of first and last one generate an "__, April 2, May 2, __/ 2nd Day, Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. Still Tullio stands out so much that I think it's worth investigating his wiki page... after all, he was also a painter and so connecting once again to Megan MacGregor (along with the "Leo") who is also a painter.  I found one notable person on Tullio's wiki page who stood out via this excerpt:
It's Dottori.  Because it contains a cryptic phrase "Dot your i/ Dot or I...".  It's plainly an ultimatum.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Gerardo Dottori (11 November 1884 – 13 June 1977) 
He was born on 11/11 and died on my birthday!!  Rearranging the letters of his first name gives us "regard o (eau)"... with regard and eau being French for "see water".   Yet another reiteration re a warning to the MacGregor's who live in Florida-- in a danger zone...a flood plane and hence "see water" ... as in "See Ocean/ Sea Ocean"...clearly makes sense.  Keep in mind as well, that my surname is "Ocean".  The MacGregor's clearly see me (they venture to this blog often enough), and so they clearly see the danger that is constantly being reiterated.  The MacGregor's simply refuse to do the "wright" thing because they don't want to make it their MO... it's not part of their "Money Order".  They criticize people like Donald Trump and yet their censorship campaign poses more harm to themselves and other US citizens than Trump could ever muster.