Thursday, March 2, 2017

Flight 387 doppelgänger

Note this excerpt from the MacGregor's post yesterday re "Cuba, Si!":
Don't you find it 'audd' that the MacGregor's failed to mention that Flight 387 occurred on their daughters birthday?!  On a hunch, I keyed "Flight 387" into this blogs search box.   AND surprisingly, the search engine brought up a post: note this excerpt from my January 19, 2013 post, Aviation Disasters That Only "APPEAR" Accidental
  1. February 2, 1998 – Cebu Pacific Flight 387, a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9, crashes...
A Flight 387 doppelgänger!!  Note from Cebu Pacific Flight 387:
StopoverDaniel Z. Romualdez Airport...
 And so we have our next lead, note from the wiki page of the airports namesake: