Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ice Age

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under March 22:
  • Lembit Ulfsak (4 July 1947 – 22 March 2017) 
He was born on July 4th... a very meaningful day, not just because it's Independence Day in the US, butt because 3 of the first 5 US Presidents died on July 4th ... each death occurred after the July 4th designation of Independence Day.  Sounds suspicious and so it should-- there deaths were 'timely'-- influenced by the inner twin world as part of their strategy to come out and communicate to us... part of which is to communicate a declaration of their own independence ...  and WAR!! Note from Ulfsak's wiki page regarding one of his films:
It's timely that "Ice Age" should crop up after having just mentioned it in a recent post, butt what strikes me most of all is the name of the mammoth-- Manny... which is also the nickname of my new little grandson who was born this year on January 23rd.  And note this excerpt from my recent January 29th postManny... Many Clouds :
The first part of the horses name, "Many", is similar to "Manny", the nickname that my daughter and her husband gave their new born son, Emmanuel (born January 23, 2017).   Of course, "Many Clouds" is also a phrase that has important meaning... it's timely given the inevitable-- that our world will soon enter into the next glacial episode, an event that involves a great accumulation of snow in the northern hemisphere, an occurance of which requires "many clouds"!!