Friday, March 31, 2017

Money Son

Continuing on from my previous post, two clusters had been generated, note this excerpt:
  • Paul Michael Anthony Bowles (31 May 1957 – 14 March 2017)  
  • Petar Toshev Mladenov (22 August 1936 – 31 May 2000)

The first being a "May 31(x2)" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that there has also been a more extensive "31st Day" cluster in the works that the two dates are additions too, and as well, today is March 31st ... so the cluster is 'timely'.  Since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of 3, I take this as a prompt for us to venture to the May 31 wiki page in search of the intended 3rd, where we are then expected to use the "formula" as per usual
  • Professor Alfred Jeyaratnam Wilson (1928 – 31 May 2000)
His birthday is not recorded, which is another strategy-- a prompt for us to investigate those mentioned on his wiki page... usually just the first one, note from his father in laws wiki page:
  • Samuel Chelvanayakam (31 March 1898 – 26 April 1977)
Note his birthday is TODAY... MARCH 31!!  How 'timely' is THAT!?

The surname Wilson has a cryptic phrase within as well, "will son", which also translates as "bill
son"... and bill is also used to describe "dollar bill" and so we get "money son".  Keep in mind that "son" is a cryptic reference to our outer twin "patriarchal" world, and so "money son" is a way for the inner twin world to reiterate once again that we need to divert money toward preparing against the otherwise devastating events leading up to the next glacial period that threatens places like Florida... and including when we are fully in the throws of the glacial period  where most of North America becomes inundundated by snow too deep to dig out and eventually miles of ice.