Monday, March 20, 2017


Continuing from my previous post, Silver Trendle, note this excerpt:
  • Trendle died on Sechelles birthday, hence generating a "May 10(x2)" pattern-cluster. 
 Since clusters tend to occur in groups of 3, this type of cluster is designed as a means of prompting us to investigate the May 10 wiki page in search of the missing person.  In a case like this, and because the lists of notable Events, Births and Deaths found on the site are long, I limit my search by using the "formula" provided, hence limiting my search to three individuals:
And lo 'n behold we have another addition to the recent "Silver Trend" pattern-cluster !!  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Sheldon Allan "ShelSilverstein (September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999)
  • Jules Deschênes (June 7, 1923 – May 10, 2000) 
  •  Richard W. "Dick" Sprang (July 28, 1915 - May 10, 2000)
Deschenes birthday is the same as Trish MacGregor's, another key player in the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production".