Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March All

Going back to my earlier post today, Thornley, note the following info: 
  • Georges Marchal (10 January 1920 – 28 November 1997) actor 
  • 2001 – Kal Mann (May 6, 1917 – November 28, 2001) songwriter 
The "March" within the name Marchal is a cryptic yet incomplete "March all".   Made that much more meaningful given that we are presently in the month of March. The other surname "Mann" also stands out given the recent "Manny" pattern-cluster... and of course my involved in the thick of it all is my grandson, Manny... who I refer to now and then as "Mann"... "my little Mann".  I take these as another inner twin world strategic design influence, and so a prompt to visit their wiki pages.

Note the following info regarding the notable persons listed on Marchal's wiki page:
  • Jean Grémillon (3 October 1901 – 25 November 1959)
  • Jean-Alfred Villain-Marais (11 December 1913 – 8 November 1998)
  • Luis Buñuel Portolés (22 February 1900 – 29 July 1983) 
  • Dany Robin (14 April 1927 – 25 May 1995)
  • Gilles Grangier (5 May 1911 – 27 April 1996)
  • Edmond T. Gréville (20 June 1906  – 26 May 1966)
  • Duke of Richelieuand (9 September 1585 – 4 December 1642)
  • Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314)
The cluster found in my earlier post today re "Wittier & Whiter" is expanded into a:
 "November  8, _, _, _,12, .......20, __, 22, 24, 25(x2), 26(x2), 27(x2), 28(x2), 29_/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster 
As well, Portoles birthday of February 22nd is also the birthday of my first grandson.  Keep in mind the significance of this date: when my grandson turns 8 in 5 years time, the year will be 2/22/22.  His surname breaks down into a cryptic "port oles"... "door bravo"... which I take to mean that a "good door" will be opening up.

Among Marchal's list of filmography there are two that stand out:
1966DaciiCornelius FuscusSergiu NicolaescuPierre BriceMarie-José Nat
1960The Dam on the Yellow RiverJohn BellRenzo Merusi (it)Anita Ekberg
The film, Dacii, is one of two Released in a year that has twin numbers at the end, and do note the twin "ii" in the films Title!!  In fact the title has a cryptic phrase within re: day c (see/sea) ii/ eyes.   As for the second film: The Dam on the Yellow River, there are two things that catch my eye-- the word "dam" is related to "bar" (see previous post), and then we have "yellow", an addition to the recent "Yellow/Chicken Theme" pattern-cluster.

Note the following info re the list of cast , their birth/death info, and the character played in the film:
It's interesting to not that Marchal played the part of "John Bell"... a cryptic "young alarm/warning".  The most meaningful cluster is generated by the "timely" deaths of Wang and Balzo, given that today is March 28, we now have a "March 26, 27, 28/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... not to mention the countless times that March 27 has cropped up today.

 And now for the second film, The Dam on the Yellow River.
Titus Popovici (16 May 1930 – 30 November 1994)