Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site lists under March 28:
"Pompeii" is an addition to the recent  "Twin ii in Names" pattern-cluster.  Note from her wiki page:
  • Christine Maria Kaufmann (11 January 1945 – 28 March 2017)
Her birthday jives... simply read yesterdays post,  ... Tenny Son, and for that matter, read all the posts in the last 4 days as per the recent series beginning with "RAF 111". One of the actors in, The Last Days of Pompeii stands out:
  • Mino Doro  (May 6, 1903– May 12, 2006)as Second Consul
Again, the dates jive for the same reason as January 11.  The cryptic phrase within the name: "My no door eau (water)"... and combined with "My no D ($/money) or o(eau/water)". My Tou Sense Worth: The inner twin worlds way of saying that they will not open the doors to "save" those from the deluge (ie places like Florida from sinking into the water/ocean) ... because they demands ($ money for # building) are not met.  One of Dora's films stand out:
The 38 in the year is a trade mark signature... remember 3+3=8 (3 is half of 8 as much as four, albeit in the graphic sense). One name stands out from the film:
CinematographyAkos Farkas
Note the "Far" in Farkas... meaningful given the "FAR/RAF/FRA" series of posts over the last 4 days, and note that its an anagram for "frackas/fracas"--a battle.  
Akos Farkas (September 9, 1898– February 2, 1971) 
He died on the 33 days with 332 days remaining -- one off from 33, 333... and this communicates that we are still "off track" from their ### (fabricating/building) mandate.  One of his films stand out:
The title is an illiteration, another signature of the inner twin world, and note its release date:
  • Release date
    15 January 1931
Both my son and life partner are born on January 15-- they are 22 years apart. So we have two additions to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.   One of the actors stands out:
Maria Forescu (15 January 187523 November 1943)
Another Jan 15, and then she died on my mothers birthday, and so another addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.  Note, 4 of her films stand out: 
Especially the two additions to the "Dancer Theme" pattern-cluster.  Some of the actors from each stand out:
  • Lil Dagover (30 September 1887 – January 23, 1980)
  • Adolf Klein (August 15, 1847 – March 11, 1931)  
  • Eugen Gottlob Klöpfer (10 March 1886 – 3 March 1950 
  •  Margarete Kupfer (April 10, 1881– May 11, 1953)
  • Frida Richard (1 November 1873 – 12 September 1946 
  • Margarete Schön (7 April 1895 – 26 December 1985 
January 23rd is the birthday of my new grandson.  
Willi Wolff (1883–1947) was a German screenwriter
  • Robert Scholz (23 April 1886 – 10 October 1927 
  •  Leonhard Haskel (7 April 1872 – 30 December 1923) 
  • Willi Wolff (1883–1947)