Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The weather is beautiful here in the UAE and with my daughter settled into motherhood with glowing colours, Cath and I decided to book a trip to the Seychelles, before returning to Nova Scotia's wild 'n wooly winter wonderland.

Seychelles is pronounced "say shells", which I consider to be a heads up.  On investigating Seychelles wiki page the following info stands out:
  • Vasco da Gama, 1st Count of Vidigueira ( c. 1460s – 24 December 1524)
  • Danny Faure (born 8 May 1962)
  • Jean Moreau de SĂ©chelles (10 May 1690 – 31 December 1761) 
  • Vincent Meriton (born 28 December 1960)
  • Sir James Richard Marie Mancham  (11 August 1939 – 8 January 2017)
  • Thomas Michael Hoare (born 17 March 1919) ("Mad Mike") 

We have a "May 8, _, 10/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Using the formula as per usual, we arrive at:
  • Francesco Baracca (9 May 1888 – 19 June 1918)
His date of death stands out, given that the first post I made in this blog  was June 19, 2012.
And of course his name is an addition to the prominent "Frank/Truth Theme" pattern-cluster.

On reading the Seychelles wiki page the following stood out:
Seychellois society is essentially matriarchal.[36][37] Mothers tend to be dominant in the household, controlling most expenditures and looking after the interests of the children.[36]Unwed mothers are the societal norm, and the law requires fathers to support their children.[37] Men are important for their earning ability, but their domestic role is relatively peripheral.[36]