Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Being There

Continuing from my previous post, and because the MacGregor's factor in quite a bit, I decided to check out their most recent post,  Ghost Writing and Impulses, note this excerpt:
  • Jerzy Kosinski used to write his endings first, a process that actually makes sense, even if the ending changes. 
Note from Jerzy Kosinski's wiki page:
Jerzy Kosiński (June 14, 1933 – May 3, 1991)
Both dates are additions to the "Off by One" pattern-cluster-- one off from my birthday, June 13, albeit Trumps birthday is June 14, and one off from 2 May aka "Toumai" ... and  "two may", which will make more sense if you read this blog... or simpler yet, that you know my first name is May and that this blog is as a result of investigating the leads of my inner twin and the inner twin world... so yes Two May means just that -- there are two of us that share the same body.  What we have long thought to be "our" subconscious is really the conscious mind of our inner twin.  Note this next excerpt from his wiki page:
One of Kosiński's most significant works is Being There (1971)... The novel was made into a 1979 movie
So the title of the book/film speaks volumes: the inner twin world are "being there" as we are "being there"... where ever where happens to take us.