Sunday, March 19, 2017


I started this post on March 17 and actually forgot about it until I logged in.  I have no idea why this character cropped up except that I was bridging a gap to a pattern-cluster in my previous post:

Continuing from my previous post...
  • Christian Marquand (15 March 1927 – 22 November 2000) 
His birthday, March 15, was just two days ago.  I'm reminded now of an event that occurred recently...on March 15.  It was the day we were to be flying from Seychelles back to Abu Dhabi.  Since our flight didn't leave until 7:35, we had made plans with Stephen, the owner of the guest house where we had stayed the past week, to drive us around the island... showing us the sites, and then finally to drop us off at the airport in Victoria.

As we drove along, we also talked about personal things. For one, his wife, a doctor (GP) was born and raised in Cuba... and THAT certainly sent my Tou Sense tingling!! The story of their romance and her final "escape" was riveting.  And then at one point as he was describing the story of a famous pirate treasure claimed to be on Mahe Island, my curiousity became peaked... and I shared with him a similar Nova Scotia treasure story supposedly left on "Oak Island" near where I live.  One thing led to another, where historic figure Henry Sinclair and the Knights Templar crop up and eventually the Free Mason's... and it was then Stephen reveals to us that he is a 30 Degree Free Mason, which of course was a whole new kettle of fish!!

Tou Bee Continued...