Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dunk 'n Boot

Continuing from my previous post, I googled: worlds largest quay.  The first item brought up by the search engine:
Queen Elizabeth II Quay - Wikipedia
Note the following excerpt from the quays wiki page:

This still puts this harbor behind Port Jackson in Sydney, Australia, and several natural harbors claiming the title for world's second largest, including Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, Poole Harbour in Dorset, southern England, and Cork Harbour in County Cork, Ireland. 
What stands out is "Halifax Harbour" since I live in Halifax.  Note from the Halifax wiki page:
 The establishment of the Town of Halifax, named after the 2nd Earl of Halifax
Note from the 2nd Earl of Halifax wiki page:
George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax (6 October 1716 – 8 June 1771)
The first thing that stands out is his date of death-- one day off from the June 7th birthday of Trish MacGregor, another key player in the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production". I mention the MacGregor's in my recent  March 9th post, Indiana Sheard, as a result of their daughter Megan's birthday of August 31st cropping up.

The "Dunk" in the 2nd Earl of Halifax's name is also interesting... and has cropped up before in meaningful ways-- a reference to the "dunking" of land masses such as Florida that the inner twin world have been warning about.  I considering this a means of directing us to George Montagu-Dunk's wiki page.  From there I do as usual -- investigate the wiki pages of the notable persons listed in the side bar at right, note the following info:
  • George III ( 4 June 1738[c] – 29 January 1820) 
  • Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford,(13 April 1732 – 5 August 1792)
  • George William Hervey, 2nd Earl of Bristol (31 August 1721 – 18? or 20? March 1775)
  • Henry Howard, 12th Earl of Suffolk, 5th Earl of Berkshir (16 May 1739 – 7 March 1779) 
  • John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford (30 September 1710 – 5 January 1771)    
  • Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland (c. 1714 – 6 June 1786)  
  • George II (George Augustus 30 October / 9 November 1683O.S./N.S. – 25 October 1760) 
  • John Monson, 1st Baron Monson (c. 1693 – 18 July 1748)
  • Samuel Sandys, 1st Baron Sandys (10 August 1695 – 21 April 1770) 
For one George Harvey was born on August 31st... sharing the same birthday as Megan MacGregor.  And then we have Henry Howard's birthday-- May 16th is also Rob MacGregor's birthday (father of Megan and husband of Trish).  Samuel Sandys birthday falls on the 222nd day and his date of death on the 111st day of the year.  If you want to verify what I say about the MacGregor birthdays, simply venture to the synchrosecrets blog and use the search box there, keying in the dates: August 31, May 16 and June 7... to their various happy birthday posts.

Investigating Dunk's wiki page further we also arrive at:

  • John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute (25 May 1713 – 10 March 1792) 
March 10th was just 2 days ago... and note his surname is similar to "boot"!!  Rob and Megan have both been given the boot before... as in a boot for a broken foot!!  And again if you venture to the MacGregor's wiki page and key "broken foot" into their blogs search box you'll find the evidence, note for instance these two posts:

And it seems that Halifax is used for other locals in Florida and other parts of the US: