Thursday, June 29, 2017

Robin Wright

This morning I attempted to make a post, but I kept getting distracted.  It began with an investigation of the 5 notable persons listed on the Deaths in 2017 site under June 28:
What stood out, was the cryptic phrase in the surnames DeCarlo re : the car low. ; Stewart re: stew art; O'Connell: eau (water) con elle(her).   It's cryptic, butt decipherable.  I won't go through the long process of how I arrived at the meaning, butt if you want to piece it together yourself, simply key each phrase into this blogs search box.  On investigating the wiki pages of each, these 2 stood out:
  • Wally O'Connell (6 April 1923 – 28 June 2017) 
  • Danbaba Danfulani Suntai (30 June 1961 – 28 June 2017 
The significance of Danbaba's birthday and date of death stands out... considering that today is June 29th, we now have a "June 28, 29, 30/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  However, Wally's birthday also stands out when considering that just recently while visiting the MacGregor's blog, and in particular their recent June 27 post, Trump and House of Cards, note the first sentence of the post:
  • This Netflix original series first aired on February 1, 2013 and stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.
The name Robin Wright stands out, given the recent "Robin Theme" pattern cluster that began with the MacGregor's a couple of weeks ago.  As well, Robin's surname is an addition to the "Write Right (write right/ the truth)" pattern-cluster.  And not note from Robins wiki page:
  • Robin Gayle Wright[1] (born April 8, 1966) 
And so, Robin's birthday and Wally's birthday generates an "April 6, _, 8 ]Date Sequence" pattern cluster.   Bridging the gap, using the formula and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
His birthday stands out given the following from myprevious post:
  •   "May 8(x2), 9(x2), 10, 11, 12(x2)" Pattern-cluster
Since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of three, I consider this a prompt to investigate May 10.  Using the formula  as per usual:
  • Jules Deschênes (June 7, 1923 – May 10, 2000)
  • Sir Eric Archibald Willis (15 January 1922 – 10 May 1999)  
His wiki page informs us that he won the Frank R. Paul Award in 1984, and so we have another addition to the "Frank/Truth" pattern-cluster... a definite heads up when it comes
 to the MacGregor's who are renown for censoring the truth(see the first post in this blog: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death.  Note from Frank's wiki page:
  • Frank Rudolph Paul (April 18, 1884 – June 29, 1963) 
The anniversary of his death is... TODAY!!  His date of birth also stands out, give the following info on the day:
  • April 18 is the 108th day of the year (109th in leap years)
Coupled with the fact that Rob MacGregor -- a Yoga enthusiast/instructor holds the number 108 in high esteem as evidenced by a number of his posts, the most recent being, Cubs and the mystery of 108.  Frank's birthday actually falls on a leap year and so is the 109th day... hence an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, and I reiterate,  the MacGregor's are "off track" when it comes to the truth.

Perusing through the list of  House of Cards cast, two stand out:
  • Molly Parker (born June 30, 1972)
  • Benito Martinez (born June 28, 1971) 
Do note the Parker (see recent posts).  As you can see, their birthdays jive, today being the 29th, and with Frank's date of death we now have a "June 28, 29 (x2), 30/ Date Sequence" pattern cluster.  

Now here it is late in the evening and I finally get to finish this post, butt before posting I decide to check out the new additions to Wikipedia's death site:
  • Louis Nicollin (29 June 1943 – 29 June 2017)
I rest my case!!