Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Continuing from my previous post.  Note this excerpt:
Tom Taylor (19 October 1817 – 12 July 1880) was an English dramatist, critic, biographer, public servant, and editor of Punch magazine. He wrote about 100 plays during his career, including Our American Cousin (1858)... 
Leaving no stone unturned, we now venture to the plays wiki page where there is a list of cast, some of whom have wiki pages that we can investigate further.  One of the cast in particular stands out:

Edward Sothern as Lord Dundreary
Now those are serious mutton chops!! Butt it's his name "Edward Sothern" that stands out due to the cryptic phrase within re "eddy ward southern"-- it's a reference to a natural reoccurring event ... a cycle that occurred at the onset of the previous glacial period (about 100,000 years ago) and is soon to occur once again.  The event will cost many lives if people don't heed the warning in time, and that is why the inner twin world are painfully going out of their way to bring it to our attention.  The event involves certain "southern" lands like Florida (where the MacGregor's live)... and the fact that it will "fall/resettle" (as explained further in many of my posts in this blog... including just recently).  Note from his wiki page:
  • Edward Askew Sothern (1 April 1826 – 20 January 1881)
The "Askew" certainly jives-- another influence of the inner twin world... with much more clarity!!  His date of death jives as well given the recent pattern cluster as noted in yesterdays post, Heredia... Here Die a... .  Keep in mind as well that my daughter's birthday is January 21 and my brothers is January 19.

There are many other clusters from my previous post that I didn't investigate, note the following :
  • Harry Hawk (April 28, 1837 - May 28, 1916) 
  • John Russell Bartlett (October 23, 1805 – May 28, 1886)  
So Hawk had died on the anniversary of Bartlett's  death, hence generating a "May 28(x2)" pattern-cluster.
On investigating the May 28 wiki page... using the formula, butt this time taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball... and wita little more of a stretch , I arrived at:
Kicking Bear (March 18, 1846 – May 28, 1904), also called Matȟó Wanáȟtake,[1][2] was an Oglala Lakota who became a band chief of the Miniconjou Lakota Sioux. He fought in several battles with his brother, Flying Hawk and first cousin, Crazy Horse during the War for the Black Hills, including Battle of the Greasy Grass.   
It's somewhat outside the perimeters of the usual formula, butt as I was scrolling down the Deaths section of the May 28 wiki page the "Bear" jumped out at me... as perfectly intended.  This is a set up of the inner twin world coupled with the influence of  my inner twin.  Bear caught my eye because of a recent and profound " Bear" pattern-cluster that I've been experiencing .  For instance, just prior to seeing his name, I had been speaking with my dad on the phone and he mentions that next week is the private service for his cousin, Archer Turnbull, who died on December 10, 2016.  By the way, I'm named after his mother, May (nee Roop).   On reading his Obit, I found this excerpt where "bear" crops up:  
He will be missed by his fellow coffee club members, the native community of Bear River First Nations, where he was fondly known as "White Oak", and the community of artists. 
The "white Oak" connects with the "wood" of my previous post.  I immediately noted the "Bear River First Nations" because it's an addition to the recent "Bear" pattern-cluster.

That Kicking Bear was born on March 18 is meaningful... especially to Rob MacGregor who recently posted about an "18" pattern-cluster.   And do note the "Hawk" re Kicking Bear's brother.  
  • Flying Hawk ( March 1854 – December 24, 1931) 
  • Crazy Horse (c. 1842 – September 5, 1877) 
Another time when bear cropped up recently occurred while perusing Netflix new releases in the children's section (I was looking for something that my grandkids may want to watch) and I found the Disney Animation Brother Bear.  I usually like to watch these programs a bit before introducing to them and so I had begun watching... shortly in, I noted that it has Kayak's in it and so Inuit/Canada related, I live in Canada and have been kayaking for about 30 years... long before its rise in popularity, and so I was aware  that this was a heads up.  Note this excerpt from the animations wiki page:
 It is the 44th Disney animated feature film. In the film, an Inuit boy named Kenai pursues a bear in revenge for a battle that he provoked in which his oldest brother Sitka is killed. 
The twin '44 is another heads up!! And by the way, the number 4 shares the same key on my keyboard as the $ dollar sign... so money factors in... it could mean gain and/or loss.  Note the following info regarding the narrator whose surname jives with money re "Gold":
  • Harold Gould (GOLDSTEIN) (December 10, 1923 – September 11, 2010)
Judging by his birthday and date of death, I would say that the "money" reference is to a "loss"... butt with a silver lining-- a hidden gain.   His date of death stands out for obvious reasons... one of them being the attack of 9/11 in 2001... and because it's the day of the year where 111 days remain!!  As for his birthday, my dads cousin Archer Turnbull died on December 10, and so we now have a "December 10(x2)" Pattern-cluster.   Perusing the list of voice actors, I select the name that stands out the most:
We have an addition to the recent "Robin/Robinson Theme" pattern-cluster ... that again connects to the MacGregor's. Note from his wiki page:
  • Bumper Robinson (born Larry Clarence Robinson II; June 19, 1974)  
His birthday stands out, note from my previous post:
  • Brian Taylor (19 June 1932 – 12 June 2017) 
His birthday is an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster, and June 19 is notable because the birthday of this blog is June 19, 2012... and so will be five years old in just 6 days.  Keep in mind that the inner twin world influenced this blog as well as the date of the first post 
And so note the following info regarding the next cast, whose name stood out the most ):
His birthday stands out, an addition to the cluster: "December 10(x3)" pattern-cluster !!  You may want to investigate December 10... Rob!!  I had selected Duncan due to the "Michael" that also factors into to my June 19 post,  and because his surname "Duncan" is a cryptic "dunk an"... aka " one dunk!!!  This is a cryptic reference to the the bigg  slam dunk that the inner twin world keep warning about re : certain lands (like Florida) that are falling/resettling (see previous posts).  This is also the "bigg sockdolager punch poppe" referred to in my previous post (as I had suspected).  As well, he plays the part of a "wise old grizzly bear".   And staying on the "old bear" theme, note this next actor:
Estelle Harris (  April 4, 1928) as Old Lady Bear
Her birthday is 4/4... and money factors in again!!   And note these next three:
  • Dave Thomas ( born May 20, 1949) as Tuke, another comic Canadian moose.
  • Jason Raize  (July 20, 1975 – February 3, 2004) as Denahi, the middle brother. This was Jason Raize's first and only film role before his death in 2004. Ruben A. Aquino (born December 18, 1953) served as the supervising animator for Denahi.
  • Joaquin Phoenix   (born Joaquín Rafael Bottom; October 28, 1974) as  Kenai, the younger brother of Sitka and Denahi. After he needlessly kills a bear, Kenai is turned into one himself to teach him to see another's eyes, feel through another's heart, and discover the true meaning of brotherhood. John E. Hurst and Byron Howard born December 26, 1968) served as the supervising animators for Kenai in human and bear form respectively.
And do note the surnames "Raize" and "Phoenix"... as in raise the Phoenix!!  And the word "raze" also plays a cryptic role as intended by the inner twin world , the etymology of which is "to pull or tear down".  The next cast to stand out:
  • Rick Moranis (born April 18, 1953) as Rutt, a comic Canadian moose
And we have another 18 that connects with March 18... generating an "March 18, April 18, May 19/ 18th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I included May 18 due to the following from my previous post:
  • Jane Birdwood, Baroness Birdwood (18 May 1913 – 28 June 2000),
By now you must realize that I need some help with investigating if we are going to be able to make sense of the inner twin world communication and have it make sense to others so they can "save the day" for people like the MacGregor's and others living in places like Florida.  So here are the remaining cast members: