Friday, June 9, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site lists under June 8th:
  • Ervin A. Gonzalez (June 6, 1960 – June 8, 2017)
Not his birthday and note the following from my previous post:
  •  a  "June _, 6, 7(x4), 8, 9, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
The inner twin world are upping the ante, with the cluster expanding now into a :
  •  "June _, 6(x2), 7(x4), 8(x2), 9, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
It's interesting to note that he's from Florida... a place called Coral Gables.  Think about it... the original meaning of gable is "top of a pitched roof"... so-oo, if there's coral on a pitched roof, it was/is under the sea!!
Note the etymology of his surname:
Gonzalez: ... German baptismal name 'Gundisalvus', which loosely translates as 'the battle field or battle place',
And it also breaks down into a cryptic English/French combination re: "gonz  aller"... that translates further into "gonz go".