Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Shoe... Boot... Watt!!!

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt: 
  •  "January _, _, 5, 7, _, _, 13, 15(x3), 17(x3), 19, 21(x4), 23(x2), _, _, 29, 31/Uneven Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 
It's quite a cluster when you consider that it mostly consists of recent deaths listed on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2017 site: 
Investigating leads found in the cluster resulted in the following : 
  • Ion Rațiu (6 June 1917 – 17 January 2000) 
  • Iona Brown (7 January 1941 – 5 June 2004) 
First of all note the "Ion" name connection with the surname "Watts" above... a "Watt/Ion Theme" pattern-cluster.  His birthday and the birthday of Trish MacGregor generates a "June _, 6, 7 / Date Sequence" pattern-cluster and an "Off by One" pattern-cluster...  The Ion in Iona being the key... 
Now with "Watt" and "Ion" in mind, I recollect seeing a "Watson" earlier in May of the Deaths in 2017 site, so perusing the lists, note what I found under May 2:
  • Moray Watson (25 June 1928 – 2 May 2017) 
I had obviously forgotten to post about this guy!!  First of all, that Michael Jackson had died on his birthday is very meaningful... an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster... notable because the very first post to this blog involves the "timely" death of Michael Jackson... and the MacGregor's censorship campaign. His name breaks down into a cryptic "More aye(yes)/ray watt son".  So he's definitely an addition to the  "Watt/Ion Theme" pattern-cluster.  

And since I had perused the list of deaths in May 2017,  I found another person I neglected that appears now to be connected: 
  • Karel Schoeman (26 October 1939  – 1 May 2017)
His surname translates as "shoe man".   And from previous experience, I know "shoe" to be synonymous with "boot"... as in boot for a broken foot.  And having perused list in May, I also found the following:
The connection to the MacGregor's is that August 31st is Megan MacGregor's birthday... and with that in mind, note this excerpt from the MacGregor's recent June 5 post: 

A Case for Universal Health Care

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, our daughter Megan texted us a picture of her foot. She was in Cocoa Beach with friends and had injured her foot while skim boarding. A risky sport. Not something I would try, but hey, Megan is a lot younge