Thursday, June 15, 2017

Noble Dog

In the last three days, the Deaths in 2017 site includes:
And here's the info re their date of birth/death:
  • Ernestina Herrera de Noble (June 7, 1925 – June 14, 2017) 
  • Luis Abanto Morales (25 August 1923 – 14 June 2017)
  • Don Matthews, a.k.a. "The Don", (June 22, 1939 – June 14, 2017)  
  • Hein Verbruggen (21 June 1941 – 14 June 2017) 
  • Richard Lamar Tuten (January 5, 1965 – June 2017)  
  • Patricia Edwina Victoria Knatchbull (14 February 1924 – 13 June 2017)  
  • Ulf Gottfrid Stark (12 July 1944 – 13 June 2017)   
And so the reason why I chose this group has to do with their birthdays mainly. Keep in mind that my birthday is June 13, so it stands to reason that the inner twin world would stack the deck around this day.  Many of the dates have personal significance: June 7 is the birthday of Trish MacGregor (see previous posts), August 25 is the birthday of my granddaughter, and January 5 is the birthday of my dog.  Two of the dates generate a "June _, 21, 22, _/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster and Starks birthday and date of death generates a "__, June 13, July 12, __/Day, Month Sequence" Pattern-cluster with the gaps representing May 14 and August 11.

Their names also stand out with some that form a cryptic communication re: noble, morals, stark, the dawn mat hew, two/to/Tou ten.   Some, lite the "two ten" don't seem to make sense, butt that doesn't mean that they won't -- we have still to investigating the pattern-cluster gaps.

What stands out to me the most, is the fact that January 5th has cropped up which is also the birthday of my dog Bailey.  And January 5 is also an addition to the recent January Date Sequence pattern-cluster.  As well, dog crops up again in the above excerpt concerning actress Aleksey Batalov re her film,  The Lady with the Dog, note the following info regarding the cast/crew of the film:
  • Iosif Kheifits ( 17 December [O.S. 4 December] 1905 – 24 April 1995) 
  • Nina Ulyanovna Alisova (December 16, 1918  – October 12, 1996)
  • Iya Sergeyevna Savvina (2 March 1936 – 27 August 2011)
  • Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (29 January 1860[1] – 15 July 1904)
Release date
  • 28 January 1960
 As you can see, two more additions to the January Date Sequence that are a sequence, butt the one that I'm most interested in now is the generated by the birthdays of Alisova and Kheifits:  "December 13, 14, _, 16, 17, 18/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The other dates : December  14 and 18 are the birthdays of my two sisters, and December 13 is the date of my car crash in 2000-- the pivotal event in my life that enabled me to become aware of my inner twin and the inner twin world.  So bridging the December 15 gap ... using the formula  and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball we arrive at:
1993  William Dale Phillips, (October 10, 1925 -  December 15, 1993)chemist and engineer 
2000  Haris Brkić (July 24, 1974 – December 15, 2000)  basketball player 
So note the numeric version of Phillips birthday: 10/10/25... so now the "two ten" communication as per the surname Tuten makes sense-- it's a signature of the inner twin world.