Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Witty May Wright

The Deaths in 2017 site has just updated its list for today, June 14:
Hein Verbruggen, 75, Dutch sports administrator, President of the UCI (1991-2005), leukemia
Note from his wiki page:
  • Hein Verbruggen (21 June 1941 – 13 June 2017) 
Note his date of birth and this excerpt from my previous post:
  • And, we also have a "June _,19, 20/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.     
As you can see, Verbruggen's passing is "timely",  with his birthday expanding the cluster into a "June _, 19, 20, 21/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .   If you read my previous post you'll see that the gap was bridged and the cluster expands into a "June 18, 19(x4), 20, 21/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The cluster appeared as a result of investigating the January 21st wiki page and then narrowing our search by using the formula, and the reason why January 21st stood out to warrant the investigation is explained in yesterdays June 12 post, Heredia... here die a...,  note this excerpt:
The Deaths in 2017 site lists under June 12th another notable person who died in the past 2 weeks who was also born on January 21st, note the following info from his wiki page: 
As well, my daughter was born on January 21!!  Here are the other 3:
  • Frank Adolf Jenssen (21 January 1952 - June 9, 1917) writer, photographer
  • John K. Watts (21 January 1937 – 3 June 2017) football player, broadcaster
  • John M. May (January 21, 1950 – May 31, 2017) politician 
This is astounding... some less knowledgeable persons would refer to this as a coincidence or synchronicity.  It IS nothing of the sort, butt what I and the inner twin world refer to as a "pattern-cluster"-- generated by the "slight of hand" activity of our inner twins/inner twin world.  

As for June 19 cropping up so many times, this warrants further investigation as well.  Using the formula, butt because no deaths are recorded during a year with 3 identical numbers at the end... or in 2011, I resort to the Births section... applying the formula and then stretching outside the box (as per directed via the "one off" curve ball), I arrived at:
Berry is as per the formula rules and Finley Hamilton is as per the "one off" curve ball... with May Witty being a bit of a stretch, butt the name is most meaningful-- again, my name is May... and yes I'm witty (as intended and influenced by my inner twin and the inner twin world... as per their Starr Family production-- the means by which they come out and communicate to us here and now).  Each of the names contain a cryptic communication that you can decipher by keying in related words to this blogs search box re: fin, Hamilton, Arthur , berry and bury.  Note from their wiki page:
  • Arthur Massey "Matt" Berry (June 19, 1888 – May 12, 1970) 
  • Finley Hamilton (June 19, 1886 – January 10, 1940)
  • May Witty (born Mary Louise Webster) (19 June 1865 – 29 May 1948)
It's interesting to note her chosen name May and that she died in May!!  I decided to venture through the list of those born on June 19 ... who have also passed away and selecting only those whose first and surnames have cryptic other meaning:
  • Theodore Payne (June 19, 1872 - May 6, 1963)
  • Maginel Wright Enright Barney (June 19, 1881 – April 18, 1966)
  • Francis Johnson (June 19, 1776 – May 16, 1842) 
  • Peder Oluf Pedersen (19 June 1874 – 30 August 1941)
  • Charles Douville Coburn (June 19, 1877 – August 30, 1961)
  • Walter Rauff (19 June 1906 – 14 May 1984) 
  • Edward "WahooMcDaniel (June 19, 1938 – April 18, 2002)
  • Nicholas Rodney "NickDrake (19 June 1948 – 25 November 1974) 
  • Yves Robert (19 June 1920 – 10 May 2002)
  • Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram (June 19, 1915 – January 8, 1994) 
  • Joseph Diaz Gergonne (19 June 1771 – 4 May 1859) 
So other than the names, note their dates of death... for instance the obvious cluster of May's-- 7 out of 14 is half!!  And May 16 is Rob MacGregor's birthday (see previous posts).  And all of the May deaths are even numbers except for May Witty!!  Also relating to the MacGregor's (Megan) is the two who died on August 30th... given that Megan MacGregor's birthday is August 31.     And then don't forget to decipher the cryptic meaning in the names.