Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dome Key

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
Even though he was born in January the reason he didn't fit has to do with his day of birth-- the 10th is an even number, as opposed to the others listed above who were born during uneven days.  Butt he does fit, as I will explain... 
And do note the "Ten" in the film, "The Ten Gladiators"... a "10" pattern-cluster. Now note this excerpt taken from the MacGregor's blog that I mention in my first post today,  Shoe... Boot... Watt!!!:
  • On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, our daughter Megan texted us a picture of her foot. She was in Cocoa Beach with friends and had injured her foot while skim boarding
And so the skim boarding wiki page is our next lead, note this excerpt from the site:
  • professionals have started getting towed by waverunners into much larger waves. Professional Skimboarder, Brad Domke, displayed the new technique in this video.[1] 
Note from Brad Domke's web site:
Birthdate: 01/10 1989
Hometown: Wabasso, FL
And there you have it: he was born on January 10!!  And so a new cluster emerges "January 10(x2)" pattern cluster.  And of course there's the matter of the cryptic phrase in his name.