Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mad Drench

Continuing from my previous post, note this excerpt:
  • 2000 – Willie Maddren   (11 January 1951 – 29 August 2000) footballer
 His surname breaks down into a cryptic "mad dren"... when keying "dren" into the etymology dictionary's search box, the following is brought up:
It jives along with a name that cropped up in my previous post, note this excerpt:
  The post mentions the book and movie by Lois Lowry, and right off the batt the name has cryptic significance re "Low is Lower y(why)".
The twin "low" is an addition to the "Low/Fall" pattern-cluster that in turn is a cryptic reference to Florida that is dangerously "low" to sea level given another dangerous scenario-- it's position being close to the edge of the North American Plate and so destined to "lower/fall" into the sea.  Simply key "Low" into this blogs search box and many the posts brought up will provide further info.

Maddren's birthday is an addition to a recent cluster, expanding it now into a:
  • "January _,2, _, _, 5,.... 10, 11, _, 13, _, 15, _, 17(x3), _, _, 20, 21(x3), _, 23, 24,... 29, _, 31(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.    
So with the 11th now bridged, this then leaves leaves (as per the rules of the game) the gap of January 12 available for bridging.  Using the formula (  as per usual we arrive at:
Mercer's birthday is also an addition to the cluster... where 3 notable persons who died this month were born on January 17!!  And we also have a "March 30(x2)" pattern-cluster... and so cutting to the chase:
And now we have a "March _, 20, 30/Increments of 10 Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, ... or/and we also have a "March 20, _, 30/Increments of 5 Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... and so cutting to the chase again:
  • LaVern Baker (November 11, 1929 – March 10, 1997) singer, actress 
One cluster is obvious at least.  It's interesting that Lloyd Bridges would crop up at this time given that his name was mentioned in regards to the film mentioned in my previous post re "The Giver", note this excerpt from the films wiki page:
Bridges's actual vision was that his own father, Lloyd Bridges, would play the character The Giver.  
And so Lloyd Bridges birthday is also an addition to the cluster, not to mention the fact that January 15 is also the birthday of my son and life partner who are 22 years apart. The surname "Baker" is an addition to the "Cook/Baker/Friction/Heat" pattern-cluster... a cluster that's synonymous with "heating/rising" ocean that in turn connects with "Lowering into the Sea"!! The surname Morsello breaks down into a cryptic "more sell o(eau-- French word for water pronounced "o")"... and "morsel low".  Note the etymology:
  • morsel (n.)  ... small piece, fragment," ...   PIE root *mer- "to rub away, harm."
And so now to bridge the March 25 gap:
1998 – Steven Schiff(March 18, 1947 – March 25, 1998) lawyer,  politician 
1999  Cal Ripken, Sr.  . (December 17, 1935 – March 25, 1999)  baseball player... 
2000  Helen Martin ( July 23, 1909 – March 25, 2000) actress 
Each of their birthdays stand out as does the cryptic phrase in their names.   December 18 is my sisters birthday, July 23 is the day of my mothers passing... and March 18 is for the MacGregor's a (see previous post) ... as per their recent post about "18":

Eberhard Bethge (August 28, 1909 – March 18, 2000) 
John Edmund Andrew Phillips (August 30, 1935 – March 18, 2001