Friday, October 2, 2015

Pointl, Strange, Pressman, Wark, Keeping, Norouzi RIIIIIIIIIIIIP: Her Point is...

Something fishy about the list on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2015 site under October 1:
At present that's the entire list.  What I find astounding is the cryptic phrase within, which won't seem like much until you know the details: the first one being that I know a "pressman" whose last name is "Wark" (Bruce Wark who worked for a local paper called "The Coast".  He covered my "Insurance Nightmare" story a few years back in a series of articles, this is the first:
May Ocean versus Goliath | Justice | Halifax, Nova ... - The Coast  
The title "May Ocean versus Goliath" stands out even more now, considering that over the period of the last few days the topic of David and Goliath has cropped up a few times.

What also stands out in the above, are some of the other surnames, given that together they form a cryptic communication: Pointl, Strange, Pressman, Wark, Keeping, Norouzi.  My Tou Sense worth in the field of interpreting:
  •   Pointl (her point): Strange Pressman Wark keeping no rouse I
The surname Pointl is a cryptic "Point L" with the letter "L" being phonetically identical to French "elle" meaning "her" so giving us the cryptic "Her Point".  The rest is pretty straight forward with the last surname in the sentence Norouzi forming the cryptic cryptic "no rouse I"