Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Henning Mankell RIIP (Part 3): Gotz Big Day Ringz of Fire!!

continuing from my previous post, I had left off with:
So following my usual format (investigating only the years that have three identical numbers at the end) note the following who stands out on the February 6 wiki page:
Several things stand our other than the triple 999 in the year, first we have an alliteration in his name and a cryptic phrase in his surname : "day ton"... which is a cryptic "big day".  Note from his wiki page from his list of filmography:
1983The Sting IIRing Announcer
Circle of PowerDavid Arnold
Here I broke away from the usual format (one of his films was released in 1999), because the name of the film, "The Sting II" and the part he played "Ring Announcer" had caught my eye in that they jive along in cryptic fashion with the recent "Burning Ring of Fire" pattern-cluster.   As well, the year of the films release, has an 8 and 3 in it, two numbers that the inner twin world designed with a specific purpose: 3+3=8 given that 3 forms the right half of 8 and the other three reversed forms the left half (a way for the inner twin world to express that we not only have 4 being half of 8 (math), butt the 3 being half of 8 (art).  This is a prompt for us to investigate the wiki page of the film, The Sting II, note the first sentence:
The second name stands out the most given that Ward is the maiden name of my daughter in law, a name that is also a word that originates from "guard", and then there's his first name David, which is particularly meaningful given the recent "David/Goliath" pattern-cluster. Note from the wiki pages of the two:
  • Jeremy Paul Kagan (born December 14, 1945)
  • David Schad Ward[1] (born October 25, 1945)
Both dates are meaningful-- additions to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that December 14 is my sisters birthday, and because it cropped up three times during my previous posts investigation, and so we have another addition to the "December 14" pattern-cluster, and of course there's the addition to the  "December 12 (x2), 13, 14 (x4), 15/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. David Ward's birthday is the same as that of 3 members of my life partners family, each born during a different year, two of whom are brother and sister.  As well, taking into consideration the dates highlighted in turquoise above (and in my previous post), we now have an "October 24, 25, 26/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster in the works.

Note from the Producer's wiki page:
  • Jennings Lang (May 28, 1915 – May 29, 1996)
She died on day after her birthday, hence generating a "May 28, 29/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. Note the following Actors in the film who stand out:  

  • Morris Mac Davis (born January 21, 1942)
  • Robert Oliver Reed (13 February 1938 – 2 May 1999)
  • Val Avery (July 14, 1924 – December 12, 2009)
Davis' birthday is an addition to the recent "January 20, 21/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster (see previous post also highlighted in gold/orange).  Reed's birthday is an addition to the "February 2 (x2), __, __, 5,__, 7, 8 (x4), 9 (x2), __, 11, 12, 13, __, 15" pattern-cluster, (see previous post) and the 13th bridges part of the gap in the cluster.  Avery's date of death is an addition to the "December 12 (x3),

 13, 14 (x4), 15/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster (see previous post).  

Before leaving the February 6 wiki page, there was something else that caught my eye: a list of victims of the Munich air disaster, and one who stands out more than the others:
His surname is pronounced "burn" and so another addition to the "Ring of Fire/Sting/Burn Theme" pattern-cluster.  On investigating the names etymology I discover that it's origin is "raven" and that Roger means "spear" in origin.   Note from his wiki page:

  •  Roger William Byrne (8 February 1929 – 6 February 1958)
He died just two days before his birthday, hence the cluster expands to: "February 2 (x2), __, __, 5, 6, 7, 8 (x5), 9 (x2), __, 11, 12, 13, __, 15" pattern-cluster .  And we now also have 4 February 8's that have cropped up in one sitting.  Another name in the list also stands out given the cryptic phrase within, Frank Victor Swift (being frank/truthful brings swift victory), he was born on December 26, one

 day off from christmas day, a way for the inner twin world to communicate that we are off track in the

 "Frank/truth" requirement, and so the war wages on.  

One final thing to mention from the Tatort films wiki page is the following information regarding one of the

 Soundtrack artists: 

  • Ben Becker (born 19 December 1964 in Bremen)
This date has cropped up in the above as well, expanding the "December 18, 19 (x2)" pattern-cluster

and as well, December 18 is my older sisters birthday.  

I think that five February 10's and four December 14's  warrant further investigation, don't you?!