Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Leo Reding RIIP: Lion Ventura ... or... Lion Deckers... or... Mar go Lion

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under October 12:
Another addition to the "Lion/Leo/Cat/August" pattern-cluster.  Note from Leo's wiki page:
  • Leo John Reding (June 6, 1924 – October 12, 2015)
The date of June 6 stands out given that it's numeric form is 6/6, which is significant considering my recent posts' investigation of September 9... 9/9 (see my recent October 13 post,  Jack Drake RIIP: Drake Duck Hatch).  In the case of 9/9, I limited my search by investigating only the year 1999 and so saving much time.  In the case of 6/6/1666, I know from experience that Wikipedia may not have anything listed on such an early date... and there wasn't, so I decided on the only date available that has 3 identical numbers at the end of the year:
Note from his wiki page:
  • Frédéric Dard (29 June 1921 - 6 June 2000
There is a cryptic phrase to be had in the dates: 2 (Tou @), 9 (not happy), 6 (shelter/house ^), 1 (scary shock !), 9 (not happy), 2(Tou @), 1 (scary shock).... -.... 6/6 (shelter TUSSH), 2 (Tou @), 000 (very happy).   It's very cryptic, butt not impossible to understand, simply begin reading this blog and you'll learn how to decipher and what it's all about.

So going to Dard's IMDb page, one of his films stands out: The Tiger Attacks  .   It's an addition to the above"Lion/Leo/Cat/August.../Tiger Theme" pattern-cluster.  It was released on January 21, 1959 and so an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that January 21 is the birthday of my daughter.

The following is a list of information on members of the films cast and crew:
Interesting date sequence and date pattern clusters.   Note the names of the two who passed away on July 8 and July 9... pretty much the same names (when you know your etymology), butt reversed .  And then there's the two October 22... a date that's just around the corner... hmmm and their surnames are words... hmmm.  And there's Darrieu who was born on 9/11 and died on the 22nd day.  His surname reminds me of the french word "derriere", I like Merriam Websters version:
The part of the body you sit on. 
In other words, the BUTT!!

So I don't know about you, BUTT (and it's a big one):  Margo Lion  takes the lion share.  Even her name has that inner twin ring to it: "mar go".
Margo Lion    see Margo Lion (cabaret singer)
  • Marcus Samuel Blitzstein, known as Marc Blitzstein (March 2, 1905 – January 22, 1964)
What stands out is the the Three Penny Opera, given that a "penny" was the subject matter of my previous post.  Note from The Three Penny Opera wiki page regarding the premier:

What stands out now is the date of August 31... the month of Leo... and a date that's cropped up a number of times as of late.  It's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor, a key player in the "Starr Family" scheme of things. 
for further investigation: For the 1931 film, see The Threepenny Opera (1931 film). For the 1990 film, see Mack the Knife (film).

And you might also want to check out Margo Lion... the other name doppelganger's Hairspray.  Or better 

BUTT if you really want to dig in deep, here's a clue: Robert has the Keys