Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hairy Hoary Horse (part 2)

Since we're on the hairy horse topic, note the following etymology:
  • hoary (adj.) Look up hoary at Dictionary.com1510s, "gray or white with age" (of hair); c. 1600 as "venerable, ancient;" from hoar + -y (2). Related:Hoariness.
  • hair (n.) Old English hær "hair, a hair," from Proto-Germanic *khæran (cognates: Old Saxon, Old Norse, Old High German har, Old Frisian her, Dutch and German haar "hair"), perhaps from PIE *ghers- "to stand out, to bristle, rise to a point" (cognates: Lithuanian serys "bristle;" see horror).  
  • horror (n.) ... shudder, chill," fromhorrere "to bristle with fear, shudder," from PIE root *ghers- "to bristle"  
Its interesting that French cheval (horse) is similar to French cheveau (hair) is somewhat similar having the "chev" prefix.  Hmm Chevrolet