Monday, October 5, 2015

Denis Healey RIIP: Healing Field vs War Field

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under October 3:
His surname has a cryptic phrase within re: "heal ley".  The "ley" ending comes from 'leigh', meaning "field" and in the cryptic sense, has become synonymous with death (as determined by earlier posts in this blog and latter posts in my Toumai blog).  So the word "heal" coming now into play is a way for the inner twin world to communicate a "reversal" from the war of "timely deaths/tragic events" that they are waging against us.  Note the following from Healey's wiki page:
  • Denis Winston Healey (30 August 1917 – 3 October 2015) 
His birthday of August 30th is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, given the prominent date of August 31 is the birthday of another key player in the 'Starr Family' inner twin scheme, Megan MacGregor, who the inner twin world target frequently in my posts.  Megan MacGregor, as with myself and her father, author Rob MacGregor, have both suffered "broken feet", that were caused by their inner twins as part of a mandate to "come out" and "communicate" to us.  Note this excerpt from my February 2015 post entitled, Sir Martin Gilbert RIIP: Iraq, Broken Feet, Stalkers and Flowers:

  • An addition to the "Foot/Broken Foot..." pattern-cluster... which of course reminds me of Rob and Megan MacGregor's broken foot that I've posted about.  And of course theres the name Michael, reminding me of my first post-- a pattern-cluster involving Michael Jacksons death that also involves the MacGregors.  We are all interconnected and wishing it weren't so isn't going to make it go away!!

So note the "Flowers" in the title, given the more recent "Flowers/Roses/Tulip" pattern-cluster, this is an indication that we're on track.  Now going to the sidebar located on Healey's wiki page are 23 notable persons--22 of his political associates and his wife.  The name of the first one, as well as information from his wiki page is:
  • Michael Mackintosh Foot FRSL (23 July 1913 – 3 March 2010)
It is the same Michael Foot!!  Now note his birthday of July 23rd.  What I wasn't aware of at the time of posting about Michael in February, was that my mother would pass away on his birthday in less than six months.  It is well documented, that my mother's death had been "timely"-- influenced by her inner twin as per the inner twin worlds mandate.  So we now have an addition to the "Targeting Family Deaths" pattern-cluster.  And there is more.  Note the following excerpts from my previous post entitledStewart McInnes RIIP: The Tu-Lipp Man:

  • Harry Morris Warner(December 12, 1881 – July 25, 1958)
  • Stewart Donald McInnes (born July 24, 1937 – October 3, 2015)
I'll leave with you to find the next date sequence now occurring. 

 So I said that I'd leave it up to you, butt the inner twin world have obviously intervened.  Warner died one day before McInnes birthday, and together with Foot's birthday now cropping up, generates a "July 23(x2), 24, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind as well that the names have 'other' cryptic meaning re "healey foot warner", which now brings to mind the word "heel"-- a part of the foot that is phonetically identical to "heal"... and of course to the biblical account of Achilles and his "achilles heel", which has been designed to factor into the communication.  And it's true, the inner twin world know our achilles heel.  Now note the following information regarding Healey's wife:
  • Edna May Healey (14 June 1918 – 21 July 2010) his wife
For one, her birthday is one off from my birthday of June 13, and note her middle name, May, the same as my first name!!  An addition to the "Off by One" pattern-cluster, this is designed to communicate that we are "off track", hence why the inner twin world are waging war against us.   And note her July 21st date of death.  So the cluster now expands to a "July 21, __, 23(x2), 24, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This type of pattern-cluster is commonly used by the inner twin world-- a means of prompting us to bridge the July 22 gap by investigating the dates wiki page.  Because the lists of Notable Events, Births and Deaths found here are long, I usually limit my search by investigating only those occurring during a year that has 3 identical numbers at the end.  Since there are a few, I chose the name that stood out the most:
What stood out is his surname "Christmas" reminding me of one of the political figures here in Canada, Justing Trudeau, who as leader of the liberal party is running in the upcoming election in two weeks.  Note the following information regarding Justin Trudeau and his brothers:
 As you can see, Justin and his brother Alexandre were born on Christmas Day!!  This is no coincidence, butt more slight of hand activity of the inner twin world who are able to "influence" our birthdays.  Their brother Michel Trudeau's birthday was one day before Healey's and McInnis' date of death, and note from my previous post:
  • The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was a trade agreement reached by negotiators for Canada and the United States on October 4, 1987 
  • So McInnis passed away on October 3, and the date that the agreement had been reached was October 4th, hence generating an "October 3, 4/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
So the cluster now expands to an "October 2, 3, 4/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 

Now going back tot he sidebar on Healey's wiki page, where more of his political associates are mentioned, note the following information from their wiki pages:
  • George Edward Peter Thorneycroft (26 July 1909 – 4 June 1994)
  • Roy Harris Jenkins (11 November 1920 – 5 January 2003)
  • Leonard Robert Carr (11 November 1916 – 17 February 2012) 
  • Aneurin Bevan (15 November 1897 – 6 July 1960) 
  • Anthony Perrinott Lysberg Barber (4 July 1920 – 16 December 2005) 
  •  Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home (2 July 1903 – 9 October 1995)
 First of all, the birthday of Thorneycroft is another addition to the "July 21, 22, 23(x2), 24, 25, 26/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And then the birthdays of Jenkins, Carr and Bevan with that of Michel Trudeau, form a "November 11(x2), 13, 15 (odd numbers)/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and Jenkins and Carr's birthdays also generate a "November 11 (11/11 Date Sequence)" pattern-cluster.  As well, the last three in the list generate a "July 2, 4, 6 (even numbers)/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and keep in mind, that July 4th is not only US Independence Day, butt the date of death of three US Presidents (of the first 5)... and the birthday of one.  This is no coincidence either, butt more slight of hand activity of the inner twin world.   As well, Jenkins date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" and the recent "Dogs (Orion)" pattern-clusters given that January 5th is the birthday of my dog Bailey (since passed).

The thing about pattern-clusters is that they're designed as a means for the inner twin world to communicate as well as to come out.  Take for instance the two whose birthdays are 11/11 (November 11), and keep in mind that "November" means "nine" in origin -- the residual of an older 10 month calendar, so we have a cryptic 9/11.  We all know what 9/11 represents-- the terrorist attack that led to the destruction of the "Twin" Towers and countless lives lost.  Keep in mind as well that as of 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year and so an addition to the "Identical Numbers" pattern-cluster... another signature of the inner twin world.

Finally, note this information gathered on some of the other notable persons mentioned in the sidebar of Healey's wiki page:
  • Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell (9 April 1906 – 18 January 1963) 
  • James Harold Wilson (11 March 1916 – 24 May 1995) 
  • Alice Martha Bacon (10 September 1909 – 24 March 1993) 
  • Leonard James Callaghan (27 March 1912 – 26 March 2005) 
Gaitskell's and Wilson's date of death are additions to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from my brother John's birthday of January 19, and one off from the day of the year where 222 days remain.  As well, the date of May 24 crops up three separate times on following leads found on Healey's wiki page hence generating a "May 24" pattern-cluster.  Note the death of Bacon and the birthday and date of death of Callaghan generates a "March 24, __, 26, 27/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and for the record, Alice Bacon had celebrated her birthday the same day as Justin Trudeau's mother, Margaret Trudeau:

  • Margaret Joan Sinclair (born September 10, 1948)
Note the following information regarding other notable persons mentioned (in the text section) on Healey's wiki page:

  • Nicholas Campbell Clarke (9 June 1948 – 23 November 2006) 
  • John Smith QC (13 September 1938 – 12 May 1994)
  • Ronald Henry Atkins (born 13 June 1916)
  • Mike YarwoodOBE (born 14 June 1941)
  • Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953
  • Ian Mikardo (9 July 1908 – 6 May 1993)
  • Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold (9 December 1897 – 24 May 1987)
  • Alan Robertson Campbell(24 May 1917 – 30 June 2013) 
  • Joel Barnett, Baron BarnettPC (14 October 1923 – 1 November 2014)
  • Anne Margaret Diamond (born 8 September 1954) 
  • Thomas Adam Babbington Boulton (born 15 February 1959)
  • James Gordon Brown (born 20 February 1951)
  • John FreemanMBE (19 February 1915 – 20 December 2014)

Clarke's date of death ... is my mothers birthday, November 23rd