Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dominique Dropsy RIIP: Drop... See Drop Sea

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under October 7:
He played the position of goalkeeper, so "Dropsy" for a surname could be considered a coincidence... butt it's more likely another strategic design influence of the inner twin world.  It's definitely in keeping with their artzee-fartzee way.  Of course I'm thinking of dropsy as in "oops dropsy" as in 'dropping' the ball.  The origin of the word "dropsy" comes from "hydro" (water) and hence leading to it becoming name of the disease, "Dropsy" (swelling from water retention), and then there's the slang word "dropsy" that means "a tip, bribe".  Finally, there's the cryptic phrase within re "drop see/drop sea/drop c".   The interesting thing about the "drop c", is that the study of etymology teaches us that over time, the hard "c" in many words has been "softened" and/or "dropped", ie: shower from Old English scur.  The interesting thing about "drop see and drop sea", is that many of my posts over the last few weeks have involved a situation where the land at the edge of the North American and Eurasian Plates are "dropping" as a result of having been curled up during the previous glacial period where the great weight of glaciers pushed the earth down further north.   The trouble is, that much of the land that is now "dropping" are coastal areas... and this is where the greatest danger lay.   

All of the above regarding the word "dropsy" are strategic design influences of the inner twin world, designed for the purpose of their inevitable "coming out" and "communicating" to us... that's occurring 'wright' here and now.  

I decided to Google famous persons with dropsy.  Note who the search engine brought up:
His date of death together with Dominique Dropsy's, generates an "October 6,7/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Withering was a Botanist (study of plants) which jives with the recent "Flower/Rose..." pattern-cluster.  And there's no doubt that his surname is also a word that describes the drying up of a flower or leaf-- the withering rose.   And come to think of it, as plants 'wither' they also 'drop' their leaves and petals.  The origins of the word withering comes from "weathering", however the name "Wither" originates from "withe arr" meaning "broad messenger".  Now THAT'S a strange one... note the word "broad" can mean "big" and "woman"... and it also jives with "broadcast".  

Many regard Withering as having found the cure for dropsy (using foxglove), butt in fact the discovery was made by 'Old' Mother Hutton who sold him the secret ingredients to her famous herbal tea that was known to cure the disease.

Mentioned on Withering's wiki page are two notable persons who stand out due to the following information found on their wiki pages:
  • William Cullen (15 April 1710 – 5 February 1790) 
  • Joseph Priestley FRS (24 March [O.S. 13 March] 1733 – 6 February 1804)
Their dates of death generates a "February 5, 6/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, AND then note this excerpt from yesterdays post, Trevor Lloyd and Jos Vandeloo RIIIIP: Hey, Leo Zee...:
  • Rajendra Prasad (3 December 1884 – 28 February 1963)
  • Zakir Husain (8 February 1897 – 3 May 1969) 
Adding to the cluster from my previous post we now have a :
  • "February 1,  2 (x2), __, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (x6), 9 (x2), 10, 11, 12, 13, __, 15, __, 17, 18, __, __, __, 22, 23, __, __, __, __, 28, __" pattern-cluster
So the cluster expands into a:
  • "February 1,  2 (x2), __, 4, 5 (x2), 6 (x2), 7, 8 (x6), 9 (x2), 10, 11, 12, 13, __, 15, __, 17, 18, __, __, __, 22, 23, __, __, __, __, 28, __" pattern-cluster.  
Another person mentioned on Witherings wiki page also stands out, note the following:
Erasmus Darwin (12 December 1731 – 18 April 1802) 
And note this excerpt again, from yesterdays post (the same as above):
So the cluster now expands into a 
  • "December 12 (x3), 13, 14 (x4), 15 (x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster  
So the cluster has expanded into a
  • "December 12 (x4), 13, 14 (x4), 15 (x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster  
December 12 is also one day off from my motor vehicle accident of December 13, and this is one off from my sisters birthday of December 14.  

Note from Dominique Dropsy's wiki page
  • Dominique Dropsy (9 December 1951 – 7 October 2015) 
I decided to check out the wiki page of his birthday, "December 9".  Following the usual investigative format I'll investigate only the years consisting of three identical numbers at the end.  This is the first one I found:
Another name containing a cryptic phrase, "her man hollerith".  This becomes even more meaningful when you learn that the inner twin world are 'matriarchal' in complimentary opposite fashion to our 'patriarchal' outer twin world.  So "her man" is a reference to us... and then "hollerith" is a cryptic way of saying "holler" (hollerith being like runneth).  Note from his wiki page:
  • Herman Hollerith (February 29, 1860 – November 17, 1929)
His date of birth stands out for the same reason as above.  So the cluster now expands into a :
  • "February 1,  2 (x2), __, 4, 5 (x2), 6 (x2), 7, 8 (x6), 9 (x2), 10, 11, 12, 13, __, 15, __, 17, 18, __, __, __, 22, 23, __, __, __, __, 28, 29" pattern-cluster
Continuing on with my investigation of the December 9th wiki page under the Birth Section:
Note from Diana's wiki page:
SeasonShort programFree skating
If my French is correct, the Short Program translates literally as "the dead leaves"... so that jives along with "withering" and "dropsy"!!  So note from Les feuilles mortes wiki page:
  • "Autumn Leaves" is a much-recorded popular song. Originally it was a 1945 French song "Les feuilles mortes" (literally "The Dead Leaves")
Now note this next excerpt taken from the wiki page:
Note from Nat King Cole's wiki page:
  • Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965)
He was born on the same day as Withering, hence generating a "March 17" pattern-cluster.  AND, we have another addition to the February Date Sequence cluster. Note this next excerpt from the films wiki page:
WOW... Goetz!!  This is astounding ... just note my post titles over the last few days and you'll see what I mean.  Note from Goetz wiki page:

  • William B. "Bill" Goetz (March 24, 1903 – August 15, 1969) was an American film producer and studio executive. Goetz was one of the founders of Twentieth Century Pictures, later renamed 20th Century Fox. 

So "Fox/fox glove" pattern-cluster continues.  Note the following information regarding one of the persons mentioned on Goetz's wiki page:
  •  Isadore "Dore" Schary (August 31, 1905 – July 7, 1980) 
It is indeed a very "schary Dore", butt it is a door we need to take non the less.  As well we have another addition to the prolific "August 31" pattern-cluster.