Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yogi Berra RIIP: The Perfect Game II

Catcher Yogi Berra passed away September 22nd, and from among his many feats, one stands out:
It's not as you may think, what stands out concerns the surname "Larsen" mentioned in the above excerpt, given that it's an addition to the recent "Larsen/Larson/Rob/Steal......" pattern-cluster.  The cluster had begun with the "timely" death of notable Playwright and Actor Jack Larson who passed away September 20th, just two days before Yogi Berra.  So within two days, this is the third time that the name "Larson/Larsen" has cropped up.  Note the titles of my recent September 21-22nd posts:
From my perspective, the death of Yogi Berra and Don Larsen were "timely"-- meaning that it was influenced by their inner twins as part of the inner twin world's mandate of "coming out" and "communicating" to us.  So, THAT'S the feat that I'm referring to-- the "Perfect Game of the inner twin world".

Each of us are "Human Chimera", the term used by Geneticists today that essentially describes a phenomena of inner/conjoined twin (invisible/hidden twin).   Modern DNA testing has enabled the discovery due to some human chimera's consisting of fraternal twins, hence with different DNA that is now detectable thanks to modern science.  There isn't much evidence in regards to fraternal conjoined twins unless you consider hermaphrodites (as referred to in my day).  On the Hermaphrodite wiki page is a section re: 2.4 Humans, that explains the science behind how this occurs.  It is only a short leap to consider that the same thing can happen with the brain as what obviously occurs with the genitalia, and because one cannot readably 'see' the brain, there's nothing to have us question it, at least not until the discovery of human chimera.   It's a short leap from there to consider the "subconscious mind" as actually being the "conscious mind" of an inner/conjoined twin (whether that be fraternal or identical).  It's just another leap to consider that some of what we label as coincidence and synchronicity, are in fact the slight of hand activity of inner twins who influence the thoughts and actions of their outer twins (seamlessly/without our being aware), and because our inner twins work together (have community that I refer to as "the inner twin world"), they are able to generate what appears to be synchronicity/coincidence, except in this case because cause and effect are at play, I label these as "pattern-clusters".  It is by generating the clusters that our inner twin's and the inner twin world are in the process of "coming out" and "communicating" to us (at least some of us at this point in time).  
From where I stand, there are two ways that we can go in regards to investigating the death of Yogi Berra for other evidence (pattern-clusters).   One is to investigate Yogi Berra's life and the second is to investigate his name sake (of his nick name that is)-- Yogi Bear.

So to begin, note the following Wikipedia info regarding pitcher Larsen's Perfect Game that Yogi Berra had caught:
What stood out in regards to both excerpts: the dates generate an "October 6, __, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I have learned from experience that this type of cluster was purposely designed as a means of prompting us to the October 7th wiki page in order to bridge the gap.  Since the three lists: Notable Events, Deaths, Births there are long, I usually limit my search by investigating only the years that consist of 3 identical numbers at the end.  This is the first thing I found :
Of the 8 notable persons mentioned on the Battle of Bemis Heights wiki page, 6 stand out:

Two things immediately stand out in regards to Brigadier General Broeck.  Note his birthday and then note the following information from Yogi Berra's wiki page:
  • Lawrence Peter "YogiBerra (May 12, 1925 – September 22, 2015) 
So Berra's and Broeck's birthdays generate a "May 12, 13/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Secondly there's Broeck's date of death that's an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster, given that January 19 is my brother John's birthday.  What you now need to become aware of, is that my life and those immediately surrounding my life have also been targeted specifically, the inner twin world focussing their energy by influencing pattern-clusters that connect recent notable 'timely' deaths and historical events to my life.  Essentially, I am made privy to their antics as planned, for this purpose... to document the evidence in this blog.

So then we come to the next person in the list, Lord Balcarres who's birthday is one day before my brothers and so an addition to the "Off BY One" pattern-cluster as well as forming a "January 18, 19/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. The third in the list, John Andre's birthday is an addition to the "2 May/ Toumai/ Twomay" pattern-cluster, a date that holds special meaning to the inner twin world (as designed) because it is a cryptic combination of my name May and my inner twin "Tou" (aka Two), hence why I named my first blog "Toumai" (and because it's an African word/name that means "Hope for Life"... as purposely designed by the inner twin world).

The fourth person in the list, George Washington, also stands out.  For one his birthday is another addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster in that February 22 is the birthday of my grandson who when he turns "8", the date will be 2/22/22 (sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature).   Washington's date of death is another addition to the cluster given that December 14 is my sisters birthday and because this date has cropped up a number of times in the last few days, this is an addition to the "December 14" pattern-cluster.

The fifth person, King Louis XVI,  stands out because his date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster, given that January 21st is my daughters birthday.  As well, it's an addition to the above "January 18, 19__, 21/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

The sixth person, John Watts stands out due to his date of death and the birthday of John Andre generating a "May 2, __, 4/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

I won't at this time attempt to bridge the May 3 and January 20 gaps, butt will continue with attempting to bridge the October 7 gap, note this next excerpt from the October 7 wiki page under the Births section:

What immediately stands out is the 33-- an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, and keep in mind, that as of today, Obama is the 44th President of  the US and Harper is the 22nd  Prime Minister of Canada (my country).   Note from Wallace's wiki page:

As you can see, he came into office on January 20th, hence bridging the above gap: "January 18, 19, 20, 21/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

  • John Nance Garner IV (November 22, 1868 – November 7, 1967)
  • Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972)  33rd President 
Garner's date of birth is an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" and the "Off By One" pattern-clsuters, given the numeric version of the date is 11/22 and one off from my mothers birthday of November 23.  Truman's date of death is another addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from Christmas Day.  And note as well, Truman was the 33rd President!!  Note this next excerpt from the wiki page of Wallace's father Henry Cantwell Wallace
  • Henry Cantwell "Harry" Wallace (May 11, 1866 – October 25, 1924)   
His date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster on three accounts given that three of my life partners family members were born on October 25th, each during a different year, two of whom are brother and sister.  Henry Cantwell Wallace was also a politician-- Secretary of Agriculture under Calvin Coolidge, note from his wiki page:
  • John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (July 4, 1872 – January 5, 1933)
Note his birthday-- US Independence Day... and that's not all: of the first 5 US Presidents, three died on July 4th!!  Now THAT'S fireworks, and how many Presidents lost their sleep on July 4th after that?!  This is an addition to the "July 4/ Presidents/Independence Day " pattern-cluster.  As well, his date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster in that January 5th is the birthday of my dog Bailey (since passed).

Note this next excerpt from Henry A. Wallace's wiki page:
  • May Wallace shared her love of plants with her son while he was still a boy, teaching him to cross-breed pansies.[4] When the African-American "plant doctor" and future agronomist George Washington Carver became a student and later an instructor at Iowa State University, the Wallaces took him into their home, as racial prejudice prevented Carver from living in the dorm. 

First of all note his mother's name "May"... the same as mine, hence generating a "May" pattern-cluster. Note from George Washington Carver's wiki page:
  • George Washington Carver (c. 1860[2][3] – 5 January 1943)
His date of death and the date of death of Coolidge form a "January 5" pattern-cluster, as well as an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.   So what are the chances?!  This no doubt has an underlying cryptic communication, as do all the pattern-clusters.

Note the following information taken from the wiki page of Wallace's wife, Ilo Browne:
  • Ilo Browne Wallace (10 March 1888 – 22 February 1981) 
Her date of death is another addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster... and because it cropped up earlier (above), we now have a "February 22" pattern-cluster in the works.
There are many more pattern-clusters to be had on investigating Henry A. Wallace's wiki page, butt I'll leave that with you, butt I will share just one more excerpt from his wiki page:
So we have the number 33 cropping up again!!  As I stated earlier, the pattern-clusters have cryptic hidden meaning.  In the case of 33 and because the number 3 shares the same key on my keyboard as the # number symbol and because this symbol was purposely designed in the same way that graphic artists indicate "woven fabric", this was designed to communicate "fabricate/build"... and keep in mind that the original Free Masons were builders!!  The inner twin world want to convey a message in the process of their coming out, and that message is that we need to "Build" something of great life/future saving importance-- Hope For Life.  If you would like to know more about what it is they want us to build, then continue reading this blog.  

  • Donald James Larsen (born August 7, 1929)