Tuesday, September 22, 2015

N. Patrick Crooks RIIP: Crooks and Pirates that Rob!!

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under September 21:
N. Patrick Crooks, 77, American judge, Wisconsin Supreme Court justice (since 1996).
His twin age at death is the first heads up,  and then there's his occupation as "Judge", given the "Bailey/Bailiff..." pattern-cluster found in one of my posts made yesterday.   And his surname is also meaningful given the following excerpt from my previous post:
  •  So perhaps "Robert" is designed to factor in... and note the "Rob" in Robert, this is memorable considering the"Larsen/Rob" pattern-cluster of my earlier posts today.
So, you've probably guessed it: Crooks adds to the cluster: "Larsen/Rob.../Crooks" pattern-cluster.
This is more than enough in itself to warrant further investigation.  Note from Crooks wiki page:
Preceded byRoland B. Day 
Note from Roland Day's wiki page:
Roland B. Day (June 11, 1919 – July 26, 2008 
His name forms a cryptic communication: "Row land B day", and/or "Roland Birth Day".  If it's the second, his birthday does stand out given that the date had cropped up last week, note this excerpt from my September 14 post entitled, Mary Jane Kelly and DeForest Kelly: Are You Coming to the Tree?!:
  • Jackson DeForest Kelley (January 20, 1920 – June 11, 1999)
The twin 11 and 999 in his day/year of death are additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster
 As for the second cryptic communication re : "Row land B day", this stands out given the following excerpt from yesterdays post, Costas Papacostas RIIP: July 11 Pattern-Cluster

  • get our "lucky papa ducks" in a row and start rowing!! 
The question then is, what does "B" represent?!  This shouldn't bee too hard since it was answered in yesterdays post,  Esther Golar RIIP: Goal "R", note this excerpt from the post:
  • The letter "R" is phonetically identical to the word "are", a word that means "be" in origin , and "be" means "exist", but it is also a letter that was represented by the early word "Beth" meaning "House"Phoenician beth
  • Finally we come to the word "bee", and given that it's phonetically identical to "be" and "B", we have to consider that the inner twin world designed it this way in order to communicate something...
Of 11 notable persons mentioned on Crooks wiki page, 9 have their birthday/date of death listed on their respective wiki pages, as per below:
  • Martin James "Marty" Schreiber (born April 8, 1939)
  • Donald Walter Steinmetz (September 19, 1924 – August 31, 2013)
  • Scott Jensen (born August 24, 1960)
  • Ann Walsh Bradley (born July 5, 1950)
  • Patience Drake Roggensack (born July 7, 1940)
  • Ralph Adam Fine (February 14, 1941 – December 5, 2014)
  • William Albert Bablitch (March 1, 1941 – February 16, 2011)
  • Shirley S. Abrahamson (born December 17, 1933) 
  • David T. Prosser Jr. (born December 24, 1942)

Some of the dates stand out.  First of all we have another addition to a very prominent "August 31" pattern-cluster, a cluster that points again to "Rob", butt more specifically to "Rob MacGregor" given that his daughter Megan was born on August 31.  Now consider this excerpt from my previous post that references Rob: 

So there is a connection with "Rob" and "wright" (note how it's spelled as a combination of write/right-- in other words, "wright" the truth and no more censorship campaign (essentially "robbing" the truth... and robbing the inner twin world... and robbing the future, all of which are connected).  And this now brings me to the very first post in this blog:
The post features a writer named Rob who tried to "wright" the truth butt bailed
So note the "robbing/crooks" theme, and more specifically, robbing in the sense of not "wrighting the truth"-- censorship in the MacGregor's blog that my June 19, 2012 post reveals.   Now going back to the list of notable persons from Crooks wiki page, note "Martin Schreiber", and a cryptic phrase within re: since the name "Martin" comes from Mars, the god of war, then "war" is designed to factor in, and because "mar" means "impair", the etymology of which is "hinder/obstruct", it then connects in a meaningful way to Martin's surname given it's etymology : 
Schreiber a German surname meaning "scribe" or "writer"
So we then get a specific communication "war/impair writer".   The thing is that Rob (and his wife Trish) write novels (and of course their blog and astrology books), and I believe that their daughter Megan is in the process of writing her first novel.   As well, if you read some of my posts that reference Rob and Megan, you'll discover that they both suffered a broken foot-- they were "marred".  These incidents fit into the inner twin world's scheme of coming out and communicating to us, which is happening now and as I "wright" the truth.

Going back now to the above list of notable persons garnered from Crooks wiki page, also standing out is the birthdays of Bradley and Roggensack, given that they form a "July 5, __, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and because this particular cluster had cropped up just a few days ago on following the leads, note the following excerpt from my September 17 post entitled, Bridging the Gap
...continuing from my previous post, there's much bridging the gap in regards to the following
  1. "July 5, __, 7, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
  2. "January 6, __, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 
  3. "December 26, __, 28/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
  4. "May 29, __, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 
  5. "December 2 (x2), __, 4/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  
So with each of these, we are being prompted to venture to the wiki pages of the 5 missing dates.  As usual I limit my search by investigating only the years that have three identical numbers at the end. Going first to the July 6th wiki page note the following under Events:
From Barry Winchell's wiki page:
  •  Barry Winchell (August 31, 1977 – July 6, 1999) 
August 31 is a significant date that has cropped up in many previous posts.  By simply keying in August 31 into this blogs search box, you'll be able to make the connection.  In the Deaths Section:
Note from their respective wiki pages:
  • Gary Michael Heidnik (November 22, 1943 – July 6, 1999)
  • Joaquín Rodrigo (November 22, 1901 – July 6, 1999) 
  • Władysław "Wladek" Szpilman (5 December 1911 – 6 July 2000) 
So the first two were also born on the same day, 42 years apart, hence generating a "November 22" pattern cluster.  Note as well, the numeric version 11/22 is an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  As for Szpilman, his birthday, December 5th, is an addition to the fifth Date Sequence pattern-cluster in the list above.
So after reading the above, Szpillman's birthday of December 5th now stands out given the following information from above (one of the notable persons mentioned on Crook's wiki page):
  • Ralph Adam Fine (February 14, 1941 – December 5, 2014)
Fine's date of death and Szpillman's birthday form a "December 5" pattern-cluster.  The surname no doubt is designed to communicate something given that it's a word with three definitions: delicate, good and monetary penalty.  And then there's Ralph Fine's birthday-- Valentines Day... the day of Love.

Going back now to the list of notable persons mentioned on Crooks wiki page, there is the issue of the "February 14,__, 16/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So following the usual investigative format: limiting my search by investigating on the Notable Events, Birthdays and Deaths that occurred during a year consisting of 3 identical numbers at the end, note the following from the Events and Deaths sections: 
They all need to be investigated further, butt one in particular stands out-- the Indian Point II nucluear power plant in New York, given it's name "Indian Point" being the same as my home street address-- I live on Indian Point Road!!  So given this, I will investigate this one and leave the rest for you.  Note this excerpt from the Indian Point II power plants wiki page: 
  • Governor of New YorkAndrew Cuomo, however, wants the units shut down at the end of their current license periods
This is the first notable person mentioned and so our first lead, note from Cuomo's wiki page:
  • Andrew Mark Cuomo (born December 6, 1957) 
So we now have a "December 5, 6/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster in the works.  As for a cryptic phrase in his name, consider the following "man war/mark quo mo".  Using the online etymology dictionary, the phrase can be deciphered further: "man war/mark who/what momentum/more". Keep in mind as well, that "MO" is also my initials -- May Ocean, and note M. Ocean is a cryptic form of "Mocean"/"Motion".  The "cuo"/"quo" aspect brings to mind "status quo".   My Tou Sense Worth: "wrighting" the truth as I'm doing now, is the "status quo"-- existing state of affairs.  The reference to "andrew/man" addressed our outer twin "patriarchal" world.  I've traced the surname Cuomo to : 
Note this next excerpt from the power plants wiki page:
Advocates of recertifying Indian Point include former New York City mayors Michael Bloomberg 
The surname Bloomberg is an addition to the recent "Flower/Rose..." pattern-cluster, and note from his wiki page: 
  • Michael Rubens Bloomberg KBE (born February 14, 1942)
So he was born on Valentines Day , hence we now have a "February 14" pattern-cluster also in the works.   Other names mentioned (opposers to the plant) on the power plants wiki page who stand out:
  • Nita Melnikoff Lowey (born July 5, 1937)
  • Eliot Lance Engel (born February 18, 1947)
  • Sue Weisenbarger Kelly (née Weisenbarger; born September 26, 1936) 
The one who stands out the most is Engel, given that his birthday adds to the cluster: "February 14, 15, 16, __, 18/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... hence giving us another date to ponder.  Going now to the February 17 wiki page, I find only one by using the same investigative format:
He's a physicist who knew (and followed) Einstein while in Germany.  So the "nuclear" now connects to "Bomb", and it is true that Nuclear Power Plants can become bombs if thing become unstable!!  As well, the cryptic phrase in his name has the hair at the back of my neck standing up: ought/out to stern!!   And it is true, that the inner twin world is coming "out" in a "stern" way: via pattern-clusters occurring as a result of "timely" deaths... and injuries (mar).

There is one other excerpt from the Indian Point II power plants wiki page that needs to be brought forward:
The date of 9/11 has within it trademark signatures of the inner twin world, one being the twin 11 in the day and as well, that as of the date of 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year!!!  Hence two additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Another being that the "Twin Towers" are additions to the "Twin Things" pattern-cluster, a particular trade mark signature of the inner twin world.  They are letting us know in their own way that they could have targeted the nuclear power plant if they so desired to make a "bigger bang", butt this wasn't part of the long thought out plan, however with that said, it is now being brought to the table?!

My Tou Sense Worth is that the inner twin world are issuing a warning and a reminder that the war continues because "crooks rob the truth": the censorship campaign of individuals and groups like Rob MacGregor and Judges (most notably, Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith). As more begin to "wright" the truth about the inner twin world and why they are waging war against our outer twin world, the closer we will arrive at peace that will ultimately save our conjoined futures.

Finally, one other notable person found on Crooks wiki page is:
Patience Drake Roggensack (born July 7, 1940)
There's a cryptic communication in his name, the first two being more obvious "patience male duck" (drake being a male duck) and so a cryptic reference to our outer twin "patriarchal" world.   So because "ducks in a row" (77/&&) also factor in, I take this to be a reference to the inner twin world's patience in regards to forcing the issue of "getting our lucky ducks in a row", and so as long as they are, we remain "sitting ducks".  His surname is a bit harder to decipher, butt I did find the following etymology connection to the first part of his surname re Roggen:
  • Possibly derived from ríodhgach meaning "impulsive".
And then there's the fact that Roggen can be broken down into two : rog gen, which can be two abbreviations for "rogue" and "genus", hence giving us "dishonest and unprincipled kind/class of people".   That certainly jives with the "Crooks, Robbers... Rogues..." pattern-cluster.   It hasn't passed me by as well that the "rog" is also short for "Roger" which then brings to mind the "Jolly Roger" (skull and crossbone) flag used by pirates, hence expanding the cluster into "Crooks, Robbers... Rogues... Pirates... " pattern-cluster.   My guess is that the inner twin world are making it clear that they have the ability to influence our thoughts and actions so the question then becomes, why don't they just influence us to be "honest"... why have they influenced our past, and present so that we have "warring" parties... what could this possibly accomplish?!  Perhaps they want to toughen us up... after all rogues and thieves are generally fearless whereas honest folk are much more timid.  You take for instance back in Jesus' day... how many people came to his rescue as he died on that cross... it certainly doesn't speak well of his 'timid' followers.  Butt then again who am I/we to know what really happened... perhaps that sponge of wine and gall passed up to him was laced with a potion to make him "appear" dead, hence his resurrection wasn't from death butt from the potion wearing off, and so he lived on with Mary Magdalene and had children as the "other" story told by so many.