Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blood Moon, Duck and Frédéric Dard RIIP

Having watched the red moon come into bloom late this evening I decided to investigate the lunar eclipse and came across one piece of history in particular, concerning the March 1504 lunar eclipse:
  • Christopher Columbus, in an effort to induce the natives ofJamaica to continue provisioning him and his hungry men, successfully intimidated the natives by correctly predicting a total lunar eclipse for March 1, 1504 (visible on the evening of February 29 in the Americas), using the Ephemerisof the German astronomer Regiomontanus.[2]
Of course I would have to investigate the astronomer, note from his wiki page:
Johannes Müller von Königsberg (6 June 1436 – 6 July 1476) 
If you read my posts over the last couple of days you'll discover an astounding "June 6
 pattern-cluster, and so we have yet another addition.  So the persistence is finally enough for me to investigate further.  Going to the June 6 wiki page I perused through the three long lists: Notable Events, Births and Deaths, focussing only on the years consisting of 3 identical numbers at the end. I I found only one:
Note from Dard's wiki page re San-Antonio series:
The name Duckworth is an addition to the recent "Duck/Drake" pattern-cluster.   Duckworth is the name of a Publisher, butt there is a worthy duck behind the name:
founded in 1898 by Gerald Duckworth
Note from Gerald Duckworth's wiki page:
  • Gerald de l'Etang Duckworth (1870 – 28 September 1937) 
So, it's now 1:46 am and so it's the 28th of September, so his birthday generates a "September 28/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.