Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Todd Ewen RIIP: Loney Duck vs. Mighty Duck

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under September 19:
Three things in the above stand out as leads, with the primary one being "Ducks", given the recent"Duck/Drake/&/7" pattern-cluster.  It's an extensive cluster that crops up now and again.  Note this excerpt from yesterdays post, N. Patrick Crooks RIIP: Crooks and Pirates that Rob!!:
  • Patience Drake Roggensack (born July 7, 1940)
His middle name "Drake" means "male duck", and I did go on to note the pattern-cluster.   The reason that 7 and & are included in the cluster is that the & symbol resembles the outline of a comical duck and the symbol is connected to the number 7 because they share the same key on my keyboard--a design influence of the inner twin world.

Perusing through some of my posts that make reference to "ducks", the title of my September 18, 2014 post (posted 1year and 1day after Todd Ewen's death) stood out:
Note this next excerpt from Todd Ewen's wiki page:
  • Todd Gordon Ewen (March 22, 1966 – September 19, 2015) 
His date of birth has two additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And keep in mind as well that the month of March is named after Mars, the god of WAR!!  There are quite a few notable persons mentioned on Ewen's wiki page so I settled on one name that stood out the most:
What stands out most is the surname "Loney" because it has "Lone" within and is also a cryptic form of "Lonely" without the "L".  This is significant when you consider that the letter "L" (phonetically identical to French "Elle" meaning "her/she") represents the inner twin "matriarchal" world.  This says something, it's cryptic butt I'm sure you can follow: It would be a loney looney life/world without "L" (the inner twin world in it).  There is another cryptic phrase to be had: Lone y (why)?!  And that is a question I ask quite a bit... being a lone queer duck on what most consider to be a quacky mission.  Sadly, it took a lot of whacky's to get me here, and THAT, is the point!!
His first name Troy also stands out given this excerpt from my recent September 14 post, Mary Jane Kelly RIIP: The Last Ripper Victim:
 Dancer Troy "Trouble T. Roy" Dixon died at age 22 in a fall on July 15, 1990
Note from Troy Loney's wiki page:
His birthday was only 2 days ago.  This is prompt-- there's likely something I missed on the Deaths in 2015 site-- someone listed under September 21st, so perusing through the list I come to:
  • Ray Warleigh, 76, Australian-born British saxophonist and flautist (28 September 1938 – 21 September 2015)
His surname certainly stands out with its cryptic phrase re: war field.  On his wiki page are a long list of names, butt 4 stand out, note from their respective wiki pages:
  • Nicholas Rodney "NickDrake (19 June 1948 – 25 November 1974) 
  • John MayallOBE (born 29 November 1933) 
  • Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton (23 May 1921 – 25 April 2008)
  • Ronnie Scott (28 January 1927 – 23 December 1996) 
  • Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel; January 9, 1943) 
The surnames stood out for various reasons: the first being an obvious addition to the "Duck/Drake/7/&..." pattern-cluster; the surname Mayall has a cryptic communication "May all" (my name is May); Lyttleton has a cryptic phrase within re "little town" and/or "little ton (gross/big)"; and finally we have two more additions to the recent "Scott" pattern-cluster.  Many of the dates also stand out: Mayall's birthday falls on the 333rd day, and note the year he was born, '33: Lyttelton was born on the day of the year that has 222 days remaining; Ronnie Scott's date of death is an addition to the recent "December 23" pattern-cluster; and Scott Walker's birthday is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from my stepson's birthday of January 8.  In the above list there is also two additions to the "23/Enigma 23" pattern-cluster.   Note the following excerpt from the Enigma 23 wiki page:

Robert Anton Wilson cites William S. Burroughs as being the first person to believe in the 23 enigma.[1] Wilson, in an article in Fortean Times, related the following story:

  • I first heard of the 23 enigma from William S Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch, Nova Express, etc. According to Burroughs, he had known a certain Captain Clark, around 1960 in Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing 23 years without an accident. That very day, Clark’s ship had an accident that killed him and everybody else aboard. Furthermore, while Burroughs was thinking about this crude example of the irony of the gods that evening, a bulletin on the radio announced the crash of an airliner in Florida, USA. The pilot was another captain Clark and the flight was Flight 23.[2]
Of course if true, this could be coincidence/synchronicity, butt it's more likely the smoke and mirrors of the inner twin world.  My mother was born on November 23 and then passed away just recently on July 23... and yes, both her birthday and date of death was purposely influenced by her inner twin as per the inner twin mandate.