Sunday, September 27, 2015

Harold Stapleton RIIP

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under September 24:
He lived to a ripe old age of 100, and yet his death was "timely"-- influenced by his inner twin as part of the inner twin worlds mandate to come out, communicate... and unfortunately to declare war against our world.   I know his death was timely because of the following  excerpt from yesterdays post,  Frank Tyson RIIP: Be FRANK... and Ducks a' Rowan:
So what are the chance of the same surname cropping up within two days?!  It's not like the last name is Smith.  Note from Harold Stapleton's wiki page:
  • Harold Vincent Stapleton (7 January 1915 – 24 September 2015) 
His date of birth is an addition to a "January 5, 6 (x2), 7 (x2), 8, 9/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster that began only yesterday and just added to today with another January 7 and January 5 as per my previous post re
  • Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (15 February 1874 – 5 January 1922)
Note this next excerpt from Harold Stapleton's wiki page:
  • On the death of Ernie Crossan in August 2009, Stapleton became the oldest living Australian first-class cricketer.[6]Stapleton died at the age of 100 on 24 September 2015.[1] He was the oldest lived New South Wales cricketer, surpassing George Moore's record
The two notable names mentioned are worthy of further investigation, note from their wiki pages:

  • Ernest Eric Crossan (3 November 1915 – 10 August 2009)
  • George Moore(18 April 1820 – 29 September 1916)
Crossan's date of death is an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster given that it's the 222nd day of the year ... with sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.   As for Moore's date of death ... tomorrow is September 29, so an addition to the "Off By One" and "September 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-clusters.

Because we now have a second January 7th, we need to investigate the days wiki page, and as usual limiting our search to investigating only the years consisting of three identical numbers at the end.  Note the following:

Although numerous notable persons are mentioned, and though many stand out for various reasons including "pattern-clusters" there were two in particular that stand out:
  • Michael "Mike" Shaw(May 9, 1957 – September 11, 2010)  
  • Kerry Brown(February 1958-September 10, 2009)
Two of the dates form a "September 10, 11/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, not to mention the addition to the "9/11 Significant Dates" and the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-clusters (as of 9/11 there are 111 days remaining).  Note this next excerpt from Allbright's wiki page:
  • Albright continued his winning ways in singles and tag matches through the summer of 1992 defeating such notable competitors as "Bad News" Brown
The name "Bad News Brown" is obviously a take off from the film "Bad News Bears", and so an addition to the recent "Arthur/Bear/Bad Weather/Glaciation..." pattern-cluster .  Going to the films wiki page, many names stand out because of the cryptic communication within each ie:

Butt one other stands out even more:

Ahmad Abdul-RahimErin BluntAn African-American Muslim who plays in the outfield and adores Hank Aaron; strips off his uniform in shame after committing errors, but is convinced to return to the team by Buttermaker. Wears number 44 in honor of his hero.
So note the name "Erin Blunt", this is particularly meaningful because Erin is also my daughters name... a name that means "Peace" (as the baby name book at the time stated), and then there's the last name "Blunt", another addition to the "Frank/Dark Truth/... Blunt" pattern-cluster.  And then if you read the description you see another "Aaron"... spelled differently butt phonetically the same.  Note from Erin Blunt's wiki page:
Erin Blunt (born November 9, 1963
The date may not appear like much at first, butt then note the numeric version : 11/9... an obvious reversal/about face of 9/11.   There is only one way to reverse the 9/11 war trend, and that is to be blunt... tell the truth about the inner twin world and why it's important for them to come important that they are willing to die.