Monday, September 28, 2015

Wolf Girl and the Blood Moon

Columbus' used slight of hand trickery via his knowledge: knowing when a "lunar eclipse" was about to take place, hence convincing local inhabitants (indigenous peoples) to feed his crew.  In the same way we are being led along, some will believe in magic and others will see the evidence for what it is.

So investigating "Blood Moon" further, I came across a short list of films, one stood out:
  • Wolf Girl, a 2001 film with the alternate title Blood Moon
We have another addition to the recent "Wolf" pattern-cluster, which auddly enough occurred just before yesterdays Blood Moon (lunar eclipse).   I am quite sure that they influenced this film, butt the trick is to decipher their cryptic communication.  Note the following info regarding cast and crew:
  • Thomas "Thom" Fitzgerald (born July 8, 1968)
  • Grace Jones (born 19 May 1948)
  • Timothy James "Tim"Curry (born 19 April 1946)
  • Lesley Ann Warren(born August 16, 1946)
We start off with an 8 and a Thomas (aka twin)and so in keeping with the previous post, butt then things change-- leave it to the inner twin world to spice things up.  We now have a "April 19, May 19/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   And then Lessley Ann Warren comes along with a 16 (a reverse and about face of 19).  The numbers communicate something, the 9 shares the same key as the left bracket that makes the mad/unhappy emoticons mouth :-( and we really don't want that of our inner twins, we want the reverse... we want 16: that which will make the inner twin world happy is ^roof/shelter (adequate for the next glacial period).  The way we will come to that is the way suggested by them and this is where the name "Lesley" comes in (otherwise spelled as Leslie) which means two things "less lie" and "less field" (as in battle field).

The moths of July and August are unique from the others in that they are both the names of Julius and Augustus Caesar.  So then we need to consider this along with the cryptic communication in the surname "Warren"-- a warning.  It's mostly the powers that be who know the truth and who are holding out.   Powers that be aren't necessarily rich, powerful and royalty.  Power comes in many forms: natural leaders of the people.  They have been groomed and exist in all walks of life, and they are leaders because they are designated as such-- they have been bestowed with much as a direct result of inner twin world influence.  They are the various Davids and Moses infiltrating every rank and file waiting for the day to be enlightened and called to switch camps and change gears.  

The bottom line is that there is only one way that we can arrive at "16", and that involves relaying the truth about the inner twin world.  And when they are finally happy, we too will be happy, and if they continue to be unhappy, we can expect all hell to break loose.