Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Catherine E. Coulson RIIP: Black Son/Femme Fatale/Plane Daffy

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under September 28:
The "Twin Peaks" is an addition to the "Twin Things" pattern-cluster and so a heads up.  Note from her wiki page:
  • Catherine Elizabeth Coulson[1] (October 22, 1943 – September 28, 2015)
 The twin 22 is also an addition to the cluster as well as the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The etymology of her surname reveals it as "black/dark son" which is in keeping with the recent "Black" pattern-cluster.  Going now to her wiki page two of her other films stand out:
Definitely has that inner twin feel: note the dates 19 and 91 being 'reversals".  It's the first one that stands out the most due to its release date:

Release dates
  • May 23, 1991 (USA)

  • May 23 is the day of the year where 222 days remain.  The films wiki page one actor stands out:
 Suzanne Snyder (born October 22, 1962)
Suzanne Snyder was born on the same day as  Coulson.  Her name is also an addition to the "Susan/Rose/Flower" pattern-cluster.  Another thing that stands out is her surname, given that I have a friend (a black woman from Trinidad) whose surname is Schneider.  

Since we also have a "Duck" pattern-cluster in the works, I can't help but think of a certain "black duck"-- Daffy.

Note the following information regarding a notable person mentioned on Daffy Ducks wiki page:
  • Robert Porter "Bob" McKimson, Sr.(October 13, 1910 – September 29, 1977) 
Note his dated of death, he died EXACTLY 38 years ago!! He died of a massive heart attack at the twin age of 66!!  As his name implies, his life was "bobbed/cut short"-- his death was "timely", meaning that it was influenced by his inner twin as part of their mandate to come out and communicate to us, which is what they are doing here and now.  Note this excerpt from his wiki page in regards to his death:
  •  A few days earlier, he was given a clean bill of health during a physical, and his doctor suggested his family history (his father lived to be 100) would allow him to live many more years 
The inner twin world influences the death of a great majority of people, because the truth of the matter is that we would all tend to live so much longer.  Our planet is much too small and population much too large (with our present day polluting systems taken into consideration) to be able to handle much more.   They have let us know that we can change this, and this is where the 66 (his twin age at death) comes in.  Since the number 6 shares the same key on my key board as the ^ "roof" symbol (another of their design influences), the cryptic communication becomes "shelter", however the twin 66 represents a specific type of shelter that they refer to as the TUSSH (the Two United Structure System Home).  This home is a self enclosed sustainable ecosystem... a mini earth, one that will enable us to eventually perfect living away from our temporary womb existence on mother earth, to where we can continue to grow... and where the inner twin world will allow us to grow older and healthier.  Since they are in the business of death, they decided at some point to use this as a means of communication-- "timely deaths" that leave a pattern-cluster trail... and cryptic communication.

The TUSSH also has another purpose.  It's designed to save our conjoined  butts given the likelihood of the next glacial period (or snowball earth) is soon to fall on us.  It's also interesting to note that one of the origins of the name Kim (in his surname McKimson) is "Kimball"... a name made that much more meaningful given the "ball" shape of the TUSSH.  

The surname McKimson has the original meaning of "ancestor of Kim son" with Kim having the original meaning of "Royal Fortress"

Note this next excerpt:
  • in Plane Daffy (1944). Daffy was "drafted" as a mascot for the 600th Bombardment Squadron.
The twin 44 and 00 in the numbers are heads up, and note the "Plane/Plain Play With Words".   Note the following regarding those involved in the production:

  • Warren Foster(October 24, 1904 – December 13, 1971) 
  • Carl W. Stalling(November 10, 1891 – November 29, 1972) 
  • Robert C. Bruce, Jr.(October 6, 1914 – August 24, 2003)  
The first one stands out the most given that his day/month of death is the same day/month of my vehicle accident -- December 13!!   Note as well, his first name "Warren"-- a warning.  Fosters Birthday is also an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster given that its off from October 25 which is significant on the personal level given that three of my life partners family members are born on October 25!!  This type of cluster communicates that we are seriously off track.  November 29 also communicates something, butt I'll leave it for you.  

Now note the surname Stalling... that certainly communicates something-- stalling from telling the frank/blunt truth!! 

Since "Warner Brothers" are involved, note the following:
  • Aaron "Albert" Warner (July 23, 1884[1] – November 26, 1967)
  • Harry Morris Warner(December 12, 1881 – July 25, 1958)
  • Samuel Louis "Sam" Warner (August 10, 1887 – October 5, 1927) 
  • Jack Leonard "J. L."Warner (August 2, 1892 – September 9, 1978) 
So note the dates!! Aaron Warner's date of birth is an addition to the "Targeting Family Deaths" pattern-cluster given that my mother has recently passed away on July 23!! and then Harry Warner 's death along with Aaron Warner's birthday generates a "July 23, __, 25/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and then Harry's birthday is one off from the day of my vehicle accident and one off from Warren Foster's date of death!!    Samuel Warner was born on the 222nd day of the year, a particular inner twin trade mark signature@@@.  The last Warner involves a "Leo" ... an addition to the "Leo..." pattern-cluster... reminding me of the "Last Leo theme".  

Also listed on the Warner Brothers wiki page is:

Note this excerpt from Daffy Ducks wiki page:

  • Daffy appeared in later cartoons. He was one of many Looney Tunes characters licensed by Warner Bros. to appear in the 1988Disney/Amblin film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the film, Daffy (utilizing his original, wacky characterization) shares a scene with his Disney counterpart and rival Donald Duck whilst engaged in a piano duel. 

  • Release dateJune 22, 1988

Note from the wiki pages of the actors listed in the side bar:

  • Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938)
  • Robert William "Bob"Hoskins (26 October 1942 – 29 April 2014) 
  • Stubby Kaye(November 11, 1918 – December 14, 1997)  
  • Joanna Cassidy (born August 2, 1945)
  • Charles Fleischer(born August 27, 1950)
All stand out, butt the last more so than the others since my recent finding that 4 members of my family are born on this day: two uncles, my sisters granddaughter (just this year) and a cousin.

For the record here are the Other actors:

  • David Leonard Lander(born June 22, 1947)
  • Francis Albert "Frank"Sinatra (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998)
  • Melvin Jerome "Mel"Blanc (May 30, 1908 – July 10, 1989)
  • Joel Silver (born July 14, 1952) 
  • Richard LeParmentier(July 16, 1946 – April 15, 2013)
  • Anthony Pope (March 22, 1947 – February 11, 2004)
  • Anthony "Tony" Anselmo (born February 18, 1960
  • June Lucille Forer(born September 18, 1917)
  • Wayne Anthony Allwine (February 7, 1947 – May 18, 2009)
  • Frederick R. "Fred"Newman (born May 6, 1952)
  • Russell "Russi" Taylor (born May 4, 1944)
  • Franklin Wendell "Frank" Welker (born March 12, 1946)
  • Nancy Jean Cartwright (born October 25, 1957)
  • Clarence Charles "Ducky" Nash (December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985)

So by far, the most prominent is the "October 22 (x2), __, 24, 25(x2), 26/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So following the usual investigative format, I chose one of the notable persons mentioned on the October 23 wiki page who's associated year has 3 identical numbers at the end.  I chose:

1999 – Joseph Andre Garcia, Filipino actor
Note from his list of filmography:

2011Green Rose
We have another addition to the "Rose/Susan/ Flower..." pattern-cluster.  Note from the film two of the actors who stands out because they both have Rose in their names:
  • Jericho "Echo" Vibar Rosales (born September 22, 1979)
  • Alessandra De Rossi(born 19 July 1984)