Sunday, September 27, 2015

Edward Murray, a Seattle Duck Boat, a Duct, a Duck &&& a Queer Duck

Continuing from yesterdays post,

Note the following information on Ed Murray, the Mayor of Seattle:
  • Edward B. Murray (born May 2, 1955)
His date of birth is an addition to the "2 May/ Toumai/ Two May" pattern-cluster. This date had also cropped up recently, note from my recent September 24 post, Yogi Berra RIIP: The Perfect Game II
  • John Andre's birthday is an addition to the "2 May/ Toumai/ Twomay" pattern-cluster, a date that holds special meaning to the inner twin world (as designed) because it is a cryptic combination of my name May and my inner twin "Tou" (aka Two), hence why I named my first blog "Toumai" (and because it's an African word/name that means "Hope for Life"... as purposely designed by the inner twin world). 
Note from his wiki page:
  • Murray is gay; his spouse is Michael Shiosaki
  • In 2009, Murray was the prime sponsor of a $2.4 billion Washington Senate financing bill authorizing the construction of a deep-bore tunnel underneath Seattle to replace the unsafe Alaskan Way Viaduct 
It may seem quacky to some, butt for those who understand the inner twin worlds cryptic way of coming out and communicating, the "viaduct" forms a cryptic communication "by duck", hence an addition to the recent "Duck/Drake/Queer Duck..." pattern-cluster.  Note the following excerpt from my recent September 23 post, Todd Ewen RIIP: Loney Duck vs. Mighty Duck

Perusing through some of my posts that make reference to "ducks", the title of my September 18, 
2014 post (posted 1year and 1day after Todd Ewen's death) stood out:
Buster Jones RIIP: Busted, Queer Duck Out 2 See...
So it jives... duct... duck... gay... queer duck...!!!

Note the etymology: 

  • duct (n.) 1640s, "course, direction," ... ducere "to lead" (see duke(n.)
  • duck (n.1) waterfowl... Old English *ducan "to duck, dive" (see duck
Again, we have the "dive/duck" that jives with "sinking/dipping/baptize" found in many recent and  the previous post!!