Friday, May 25, 2018

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Continuing on from my previous post, note from Lauren Hill’s wiki page:
  The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, won awards and broke sales records
Note from the albums wiki page:
 album's title was inspired by the film and autobiographical novel The Education of Sonny Carson, and Carter G. Woodson's The Mis-Education of the Negro.

    • Carter Godwin Woodson (December 19, 1875 – April 3, 1950)   
    • Robert "SonnyCarson (May 22, 1936[2] – December 20, 2002) 

    The May 22 is a twin heads upp... an addition to the “Off by One” pattern-cluster... as in one off from the day of the year where 222 days remain.  And Carson passing away one day after Woodson’s birthday is another heads upp, and together with both my sisters birthday, and my car of December 13, 2000, generates a “December 13, 14, __,..., 18, 19, 20/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  Much can be garnered from the cryptic communication in their names... for instance Carter and Carson have the prefix “car”... pointing a cryptic finger toward my car crash— a pivotal event in my life that enabled me to become aware of the inner twin world for the first time.   

    So bridging the December 15 gap, using the formula as per usual we arrive at:  
    2000  Haris Brkić (July 24, 1974 – December 15, 2000) basketball player
    His birthday is an addition to the “Off By One” pattern-cluster, as in one off from July 23, the day my mother passed away.  The cluster is a prompt— what I refer to as a “one off curve ball”, and like a wild card, it enables us to stretch outside the box, and to the person listed immediately above Haris:
    1993  William Dale Phillips (October 10, 1925 — Dec 15, 1993) chemist, engineer 
    His birthday stands out in that it is 10/10... and it gets even more interesting on investigating the wiki page of the first notable person mentioned on his wiki page:
    obtained a PhD in physical chemistryat MIT under the direction of Richard C. Lord studying the vibrational spectra of organic molecules.
    • Professor Richard Collins Lord (October 10, 1910 – April 29, 1989) 
    He was born on 10/10/10!!!   So venturing to the October 10 wiki page lets see if there are others born on 10/10/10:
    • Julius Shulman (October 10, 1910 – July 15, 2009) 
    • Alfred Kennerley (10 October 1810 – 15 November 1897) 
    As you can see, their dates of death generates  a “15th Day” pattern-cluster... that jives with William Phillips date of death.  AND, since both my son and life partner are born on January 15... hence generating a “November 15, December 15, January 15(x2),  ... July 15/ 15th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.
    For the record, there was an event on the October 10 wiki page that occurred in 2010:
    The monarch at the time in 2010:   Beatrix (born 31 January 1938) 

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