Friday, May 11, 2018

ACJ Smith’s Loney Bowl

Continuing on from my previous post, I decided to investigate Associate Justice Deborah K. Smith, a fiery hell fire judge here in Halifax, Nova Scotia who I had a run in with.  She’s an important figure in my neck of the woods so let’s see why the inner twin world have brought us back to her.  Note this recent article that crops up on googling her name:
Halifax school in court to contest AUS decision to cancel football's Loney Bowl 
  • Gregory Strong and Michael Tutton,The Canadian Press Published  November 11, 2017 7
What immediately stood out is the “Loney Bowl”.  For one Loney is an addition to the recent “Names Ending in “ey” That Contain a Word” pattern-cluster... and in fact, Loney is also an addition to the “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove the “y” makes “Lone”... one of the two words found in Loney... the other one is “one”.    So this is “timely”— a twin heads upp!!

The date of the article is 11/11... another twin heads upp!!!!  ( the number 1 shares the same key on my keyboard as the exclamation mark— another design influence of the inner twin world).  And then we have the author name: Gregory Strong, that provides us with another cryptic communication: “great/grey gory strong”... one that connects once again to the MacGregor’s (see previous posts).

The word “Bowl” also factors in... given that it also contains a cryptic communication... as I mentioned in my previous post re “bow/bowl”.  Note this excerpt from the article:
The AUS made the decision it believes to be the best to protect the integrity and fairness of its football season," U Sports president and CEO Graham Brown said Friday in a statement.  However, on Friday night, associate chief justice Deborah Smith of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court agreed to schedule a hearing on the matter in Halifax.
The name Graham Brown is an addition to the recent and prolific  “Brown/Colour Theme” pattern-cluster... and note the cryptic  “gray ham” in his first name.

The Loney Bowl has a namesake, note from his wiki page:
  • Don Loney (November 16, 1923 – June 19, 2004) 
His name provides a cryptic don/dawn lone y(why).
Note his birthday re 11/16... reversed/upside down the numbers become 9111... or 9/11/1 — the Terrorist attack of 9/11 in 2001.  His date of death also stands out... this blogs birthday is June 19.
Note from Loney’s wiki page: 
The surname Russel means “Little Red One” in origin, and so two additions to the recent “Colour Theme” pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki pages of the trophy namesakes:
  • Albert Henry George Grey (28 Nov 1851 – 29 Aug 1917) 
  • Jeffrey Cameron Russel (Oct 27, 1900 — May 3, 1926)   .
 Russel’s  birthday expands a cluster found in my previous post... AND, it bridges the gap:
  • Aug 27(x6), Sept 27, Oct 27, Nov 27, Dec 27(x2)Jan 27, Feb 27(x2), March 27/ 27th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster
And so an addition to the “Timely” pattern-cluster.  Everything is falling into place as intended and influenced by the inner twin world.   Note from Russel’s wiki page;
  • On the night of May 3, 1926, Montreal was struck by a violent thunderstorm and Russel was responsible for a crew from Montreal Light, Heat and Power repairing a downed power line when he was accidentally electrocuted
  •  He played for McGill University in Montreal from 1920 to 1922.

 Hmmm, my stepson Gill Payette went to McGill :-)(-:  Note from the McGill University wiki page:

NicknameMcGill Redmen and Martlets

ChancellorMichael Meighen
PrincipalSuzanne Fortier
VisitorJulie Payette (as Governor General of Canada)
  • Michael  Meighel (born March 25, 1939) do note the M.M. Initials(see previous posts)... and Meighel is obviously a version of Michael!!  
  • James McGill (October 6, 1744 – December 19, 1813) 
  • Suzanne Fortier, more commonly known as Big Suze (born November 11, 1949)
  • Julie Payette (born October 20, 1963)
And November 11 (aka 11/11) crops up yet again... Big Suze is a cryptic c “Big Rose” and so an addition to the recent “Flower Theme” pattern-cluster.  And it’s far more than what meets the eye— yes the flower does factor in many faceted ways... butt we also have the word “rose” ... past participle of “to rise ”.    I guess I’m the only one to have “rose” to the occasion... and one is a lonely number... butt not for long, the Me Too movement will encompass ACJ Smith and her pack of wolves!!

And just when you think a post is finished... well think again.  Note from the songs wiki page re “one is a Lonely Number”
  • "One" is a song written by Harry Nilsson and made famous by Three Dog Night 
  • Harry Edward Nilsson III (June 15, 1941 – January 15, 1994) 
Both my son and life partner are born on January 15... exactly 22 years apart.  And as for June 15, well, Trump’s birthday is June 14,  mine is June 13 and my step granddaughters is June 12, hence generating a “June 12, 13, 14, 15/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  AND, there’s a film,  One is A Lonely Number:

Release date
  • June 19, 1972
The first post to this blog was made on June 19!!  So if you want to learn more about what the inner twin world are up to... well investigate the film, and I’m sure they will provide more, butt beginning with the first post to this blog is where you really need to begin.  

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