Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Me Too # (part 6)

Recently Added to the Deaths in 2018 site :
Jens Christian Skou, 99, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1997)
His surname stands out... as does the twin age of 99!!  An addition to the “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove the “k” from Skou makes “sou”:
  • Sou: is a Small French coin 
  • Sou'wester ... A fishing net would always be brought up in the lee of the wind so that a fisherman facing the net would have his back to the wind ... The hat extends down the back, bridging and protecting the neck.  
It’s interesting that “neck” crops up in the second etymolgy given the french word for neck is “cou”.   And speaking of neck, my previous post spoke of the head— the reference being “head in sand” like an ostrich.  Now even though my previous post mentions that this “head in sand” approach leaves the “ass” open to abuse from an unseen attacker, there is another dilemma — that booting the ass while the head is lodged in sand, also leaves the relatively weak neck vulnerable to fracture... especially as the ass kicks become harder!!

Note from Skou’s wiki page:
Jens Christian Skou (8 October 1918 – 28 May 2018)
His date of birth is “timely”... an addition to the recent cluster, expanding it into a:
  • January 8(x3), February 8, March 8(x4),  ..., June 8, __, August 8, __, October 8/ 8th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.
And so lets investigate the September 8 wiki page... using the formula and taking into consideration the “one off” curve ball we arrive at:
1999  Moondog, American-German singer-songwriter, drummer, and poet (b. 1916)
1999 – Michalis Kounelis, Greek violinist (b. 1928)
And DO note the “Kou” in Kounelis!!  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916 – September 8, 1999),
  • Michalis Kounelis (December 21, 1928 – September 8, 1999) 
We have an addition to the cluster found in my previous post:
  •   “May __, 15, 16(x2), __, __, 19, 20, 21(x2), __, 23(x2), __, 25, 26, __, 28/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.
And because my daughter’s birthday is January 21, and then note this excerpt from my earlier post today (part 3):
Devin Patrick Kelley (February 21, 1991[32] – November 5, 2017) 

we have a “December 21, January 21, February 21/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster .  Butt there is something else, another notable death in the September 8 that caught my eye:
Well a goose is related... to an ostrich.  There’s also the alliteration in his name — another signature of the inner twin world. And note the cryptic phrase re: Goose gone soul in.   As well,  at the “ass” end of the September 8 notable death list, are many whose names are additions to the recent “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster ... note from their wiki pages;
  •  Frank Thomas (September 5, 1912 – September 8, 2004) (rank
  • Donald  Horne  (26 December 1921 – 8 September 2005) (horn)
  • Peter Brock (26 February 1945 – 8 September 2006)(rock)
  • Aage Niels Bohr (19 June 1922 – 8 September 2009) (age)
  • Sean  Haire (February 25, 1971 – September 8, 2014) (sea hair)
  • Marvin  "Bad NewsBarnes (July 27, 1952 – September 8, 2014) 
  • Tyler Jordan Sash (May 27, 1988 – September 8, 2015) (ash)
  • Hannes Arch (22 September 1967 – 8 September 2016) (Arc)
  • Prince Buster(24 May 1938 – 8 September 2016), (pince— pinch)
And some of these stand out for other reasons ... the name Peter means “rock/stone” in origin and so his surname Brock (aka “rock”) is that much more meaningful, not to mention the recent “Piet, Pieta, Pieter, Peter/Rock” pattern-cluster.  And keep in mind another addition to the cluster was recently added to The Deaths in 2018 site under May 27,  astronaught Donald Peterson...
And note his birthday that connects with Hanes Arch’s birthday, generating a “__, September 22, October 22, __ /22nd Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.  And we now have two Donald’s ... and since the inner twin world tends to generate clusters in groups of 3 or more... we can throw in US President Donald Trump (rump)... oh yeh the biggest ostrich of them all... better watch out for the rump Trump!!

Two clusters in particular stand out from the above list:
  •  “February 21, 22, __, __, 25, 26/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster 
  • “May 27, __, July 27/ 27th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.  

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