Thursday, May 31, 2018

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Me Too #: Part 14)

Continuing from my previous post, it’s obvious that todays death of Michael Ford (art director and set decorator on Raiders of the Lost Ark)is “timely”— a strategic design influence of the inner twin world as part of their mandate to “come out” and “communicate” to us at this point in time.  As part of that mandate, and given their slight of hand ability to influence our thoughts and actions without our being aware (unless they choose to reveal... as they are doing now), they generate what I refer to as the “Starr Family Production”, a production where I and the MacGregor’s play a key role.

Since the MacGregor’s (Rob, Trish and Megan) have cropped up in this recent post series, it’s important to know  their birthdays: Rob— “May 16”; Trish —“June 7”; Megan— “August 31”, for the simple reasons being that the inner twin world tend to generate clusters surrounding them that in turn enables them to communicate (albeit cryptic) to us.  You can verify the dates in this blog, or you can venture to the MacGregor’s blog to verify ie: 

And with those dates in mind, note the following information regarding one of the actors in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”:
  • Michael Sheard (June 18, 1938 - August 31, 2005) (shear)
First of all his surname is an addition to the recent “Remover a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... in 3 ways, making: “shear”,  “heard”, “shared”.  And indeed, the inner twin world are waging war aka “shear” as a means of forcing their message to be “heard”... and “shared”!!  And note his first name— yet another Michael, and then note his date of death— Megan MacGregor’s birthday!!  The two together speaks cryptic volumes.  And his birthday factors in as well, given the following from my previous post:
  • William "Billy" Evans Midwinter (19 June 1851 – 3 December 1890) 
As for William’s birthday, the very first post in this blog was made on June 19!!  And THAT brings us back to the MacGregor’s.    June 19... the day of the very first post to this blog had cropped up.  Now the “Michael” connection involves the contents of the post,  Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP), — namely the  death of “Michael” Jackson, and a “Michael” pattern-cluster that the MacGregor’s and I had been experiencing just before the “timely” death of Michael Jackson
Sheard was born one day before Midwinters birthday.  So what we have are two additions to my earlier post today, bridging a gap and in so doing paving the way for another gap to be bridged:
  •   “June 11, 12(x3),13, 14, 15, __, 17, 18, 19(x2)/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.
And now note the following info on another member of the cast and crew of  Raiders of the Lost Ark:
Another Michael... and I assume his surname is pronounced “con” ... makes perfect cryptic sense to me— as per my ‘Tou Sense Worth’.  And his date of birth may not seem like much, butt I bet that it too speaks volumes.  On the December 8 wiki page Using the formula, we arrive at:
1999  Péter Kuczka, Hungarian poet and author (b. 1923)
  • Péter Kuczka (1 March 1923 – 8 December 1999) 
Note his date of birth — March is named after Mars,  the god of  war ... and agriculture.  AND March 1 is a cryptic “war won”.... and that is because they war they are waging is as much as “won”.  Essentially the inner twin world are letting us know that they hold in their hands the lives of those we hold most dear— they are letting the MacGregor’s know that they can stop their “con” when and if they so choose, and in so doing save the lives of Megan ... her family and those living/visiting Florida when the deluge occurs.

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