Friday, May 25, 2018

Lower In Hill

Back to the article, Rap and the gender gap: why are female MCs still not being heard? the name Lauryn Hill crops up, her surname caught my eye/I, given the following from my previous post:
  ... from the Old English personal name Gīsla and dun ("hill", "down").
Now I did interpret this yesterday negatively— the falling of high land, a cryptic reference to the event that’s due to occur with places like Florida and a portion of Cuba that lay on the edge of the North American plate given as per it’s “resettling” since the previous glacial period.  However, it could be read as the term “down hill”... a phrase that means “easier going”... as opposed to “up hill battle”.  And now we have Lauryn Hill... a cryptic “lower in hill”.  As well, the surname Hill is an addition to the recent and prolific “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove the “H” makes “ill”.  Note from Lauryn Hill’s wiki page :
Her birthday adds to the “Timely” pattern-cluster... a twin heads upp.  Her middle name contains a cryptic combination of : “noel(Christmas)” and “no elle”... with “elle” being French for “her”... a reference to the inner twin “matriarchal” world... so “lower in ... no inner twin world hill/ill”.  It is cryptic.  My Tou Sense Worth— in “Christianity” where there is no “elle”... no goddess... women are made “lesser”... and so, the religion at present is mysogynistic... it is “ill” and so too is our world and cultures built around the patriarchal religions of our day.

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