Wednesday, May 23, 2018

End of March/War

The Deaths in 2018 site lists under May 23:
Daniel Robin, 74, French wrestler, Olympic double-silver medalist (1968).UIKeyInputDownArrow
  • Daniel Robin (31 May 1943 – 23 May 2018)
Again, we have another addition to the recent “Person Born and Died in Same Month” pattern-cluster.   If his May birthday had of been before the 23rd, it would be a prompt for us to check the Deaths in 2018 site for those who recently died on that day, butt May 31 hasn’t occurred yet, so I take this to be another prompt of sorts... to investigate the May 31 wiki page, and applying the formula:
Wilson doesn’t have his birthday listed on his wiki page, and this is strategic in that it serves as a prompt for us to investigate his wiki page.  One other notable person mentioned— his father in law, has a wiki page and so we’re able to garner the following:
His birthday is VERY meaningful, given the following from my previous post:
  • March 1(x2), 2(x2), 3, 4(x2), 5(x3),  6(x2), 7 , 8(x2), 9(x2), 10(x3) , 11(x2), 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 , 17, 18(x2), 19, 20, 21(x4), 22(x2), 23,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29(x2), 30(x2)
It’s interesting to note that the only gap in the March cluster not yet bridge is March 31... a cryptic “end of war”... and indeed the war still rages
I had bridged the gap in the previous post, butt the inner twin world had intentions of bridging it again!!  In so doing they generated a cluster within the cluster: “March 29(x2), 30(x2), 31(x2)” pattern-cluster.

And Puente’s birthday is one off from the 111th day of the year... an addition to the “Off By One” pattern-cluster.   And this cluster is like a wild card indicating a “one off” curve ball that enables us to investigate the notable persons on the May 31 death list immediately above 1999 and below 2000, and so we arrive at:
I included Timothy Leary because his name is a meaningful word “Leary”, and the “one off” curve ball allows for this kind of extra stretch.  And as you can see, the birhtdays of Francis and Leary connect... and they expand a recent cluster, as does Acker’s birthday:  
  • “October 20, 21, 22, 23, __, 25(x3), __, __,  28(x3), 29, 30(x2)/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
  • March 1(x2), 2(x2), 3, 4(x2), 5(x3),  6(x2), 7 , 8(x2), 9(x2), 10(x3) , 11(x2), 12, 13, 14(x2), 15, 16 , 17, 18(x2), 19, 20, 21(x4), 22(x2), 23,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29(x2), 30(x2), 31(x2)/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster  
According to the rules, the October 24 gap is open for investigation... and so cutting to the chase:
1999  Berthe Qvistgaard (11 August 1910 – 24 October 1999) Danish actress (b. 1910)
Berthe’s birthday is one off from the 222nd day of the year... another “one off” curve ball to take into consideration, and so we then arrive at:
  • 2001  Kathleen Ankers (22 October 1919 - 24 October 2001[1]American actress and set designer (b. 1919)
  • 1997 – Don Messick (September 7, 1926 – October 24, 1997) voice actor/singer 
  • 2001 – Wolf RΓΌdiger Hess ( 18 November 1937 – 24 October 2001) author/critic 
And so two clusters are expanded:
  •  “November 16(x2), 17(x4), 18 (x2),19/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
  • “October 20, 21, 22(x2), 23, 24, 25(x3), __, __,  28(x3), 29, 30(x2)/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster

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