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Rob Flying Hi with iFly (Minca Sinca IX)

Today is Rob MacGregor’s birthday and so it’s not surprising that their post pays tribute:

A New Way to Fly   Posted on  by Trish and Rob

It’s called iFly and you suit up with a helmet and an instructor and enter a wind tunnel and experience a kind of skydiving.... Megan and I gave this to Rob for an early birthday present... 
The “iFly” is an addition to the recent and prolific  “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove the “i” makes “Fly”— A twin heads upp that sets the pace with this post.

Even though Rob is an author (having written many of the Indiana Jones series), he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.  I know his birthday through his synchrosecrets blog, and from the same source, I know that he’s distantly related to the famous Scottish folk hero and outlaw, Robert Roy MacGregor, who does have a wiki page from which we’re able to gather the following:
Even though his date of birth stands out, I’ll wait to elaborate.  First we need to investigate the other Rob MacGregor doppelgänger’s that do have wiki pages that provide the following info:
The dates highlighted stand out... the March 1 connecting to the March 7th above... which I’ll get to.  October 25 stands out due to this also being the birthday of 3 of my life partners family members, each born on a different year.  January 9th stands out— it’s one off from the birthday of my step son (for one); and September 9 is 9/9– an addition to the “Twin Theme” pattern-cluster... with 99 communicating very unhappy/angry —the 9 shares the same key as the left bracket used to make the unhappy emoticon :-((.  You can be sure that they are unhappy with Rob.  And Bob MacGregor stood out due to the “Flyer”... and so we have a “Fly Theme” pattern-cluster now in the works. Oh, and you might want to investigate Falkirk.   This brings us back to Rob... so why the “fly” connection.  All I can think of is “fly “through cyber space”— Rob mentions his ancestor Rob Roy MacGregor in several posts on his blog, and so the first one brought up in the search is our next lead: What lies beneath illness? Posted on  by Rob.  In the post, Rob talks about his painful swollen prostrate gland, and because illnesses can be brought on by inner twin influence, I consider this a twin heads upp.  On investigating the prostrate wiki page, I came across an interesting excerpt:
  • Skene's gland is found in both female humans and rodents. Historically it was thought to be a vestigial organ, but recently it has been discovered that it produces the same protein markers, PSA and PAB, as the male prostate.
Whenever “female” crops up on a “male” related topic, it’s heads upp for sure.  Note this excerpt from the Skene’s gland wiki page:
Very “audd”... there’s a reason for the “bothe”(see previous posts)!!  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Alphonse François Marie Guérin (August 9, 1816 - February 21, 1895)
  • Alexander Johnston Chalmers Skene (17 June 1837 – 4 July 1900) 
Each of the dates highlighted stand out.  To begin, Guerin’s birth occurring on a leap year means that he was born on the 222nd day of the year... sequences of 2’s are a particular inner twin trade mark signature... this is an important “Identical Number Sequence” pattern-cluster.  And we also now have an “August 9, September 9, __,  ... January 9/ 9th Day, Month Seuqence” pattern-cluster.  His death,  February 21,  is one off from my grandson’s birthday of February 22  who in four years time will celebrate his birthday on 2/22/22... so an equally significant “Off By One” pattern-cluster.  Skene’s date of death stands out, given the following info recorded in this blogs Header:
On July 4th, 3 Of the first "5" US Presidents had died: Jefferson "5" hours before Adams, and Monroe "5" years later on the "55th" Independence Day.
As for Skene’s date of birth, it’s an addition to the “Timely” pattern-cluster given that June 17 adds to a cluster found in my recent May 14 post, Minca Sinca V , expanding it now into a:
  • “June 4, 5, 6, 7, ..., 12, 13, 14, __, 16, 17 ..., 23, 24, 25, 26, 27(x2)/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
I consider the cluster another heads upp... I hadn’t  bridged the single gap that according to the rules, is open game.  And so now bridging the gap— venturing to the June 15 wiki page  and then using the formula we arrive at:
1888  Frederick III, German Emperor (b. 1831)
1889  Mihai Eminescu, Romanian journalist, author, and poet (b. 1850)
1996 – Sir Fitzroy Maclean, Scottish general, politician (b. 1911)
1999  Omer Côté, Canadian lawyer and politician (b. 1906)
2000  James Montgomery Boice, American pastor and theologian (b.1938)
2000 – Jules Roy, French author, poet, and playwright (b. 1907)
Fitzroy Maclean and Mihai Eminescu are just a stretch outside the formula box, butt the “one off” curve ball indicates a stretch will be required,  and not to mention the red flags: first there’s Fitzroy’s  name that breaks down into a cryptic “fitz Roy mac lean”... and so we have a “Roy” pattern-cluster in the works... and Roy is a name that means “red” in origin, an addition to the recent “Colour Theme” pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that “Roy”  is also connected to “royal”... and its etymology:
PIE root *reg- "move in a straight line," with derivatives meaning "to direct in a straight line," thus "to lead, rule."
Even the “z” at the end of “fitz” connects to Rob MacGregor as some of my posts indicate, beginning with my October 2016 post: Elda Grin, 88 & Nelson Pinedo, 88 RIIIIP: ZZZZZ Land Cue?! (Wellington Part 47)and do note the “zzzzz”... sleep indicator, and yes this factors in— Rob’s big sleep— refusal to wake up to the truth about the inner twin world because it doesn’t fitz into his money making scheme... and so now you see how “Roy” factors in ... as in “royalty”.  And now lets investigate their wiki page:
  • Frederick III (18 October 1831 – 15 June 1888) 
  • Mihai Eminescu (15 January 1850 – 15 June 1889) 
  • Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle Maclean  (11 March 1911 – 15 June 1996) 
  • Omer Côté (13 January 1906 – 15 June 1999) 
  • James Montgomery Boice (July 7, 1938 – June 15, 2000)
  • Jules Roy (22 October 1907 – 15 June 2000) 
Do note the cryptic phrase in Fitzroy’s middle name re “hew Royal”!!!  And there’s the surname “Boice”... intentionally designed to connect with “voice” and “choice”... and to communicate through letter “B” (Beth re House)... and connecting to “Be” (meaning  “life”).  And Omer Cote is cryptic ... containing french words  — O/eau ( meaning water) mer (Ocean/mother) ... and cote is the french word for “coast”... the sea side.  By the way, my surname is Ocean.

Also standing out is Eminescu’s birthday... given that both my son and life partner are born on January 15 exactly 22 years apart.  In fact note other family birthdays: January 19 (brother); January 21 (daughter); January 23 (grandson); January 5 (dog); January 8 (stepson).  My stepson Gillman is the “audd” one out having been the only one born on an even number day.  All  in all, we now have a “January 5, ... 9, __, 13, 15(x3), __, 19, 21, 23, .../ Uneven day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.  AND, we have another March (1, 7, and 11).  This is a good time to bring up why they are important days.  First of all, the month of March is named after Mars, the god of war and agriculture (bet you didn’t know that one).  AND in our recent series of posts, where Colombia factors in, and of all the dates involving notable persons mentioned on the Colombia wiki page, March is the most at 11 in total, here they are:
  • William Ospina (2 March 1954)
  • Germán Castro Caycedo (born March 3, 1940
  • Eduardo Caballero Calderón (March 1910 – 3 April 1993
  • Gabriel de la Concordia García Márquez ( 6 March 1927 – 17 April 2014)
  • Gabriel París Gordillo (March 8, 1910 – March 21, 2008) 
  • Juan de Castellanos (March 9, 1522 - November 1606)
  • Gustavo Rojas Pinilla (12 March 1900  17 January 1975
  • Guillermo Uribe Holguín  (17 March 1880 – 26 June 1971) 
  • Aurelijus Rūtenis Antanas Mockus Šivickas (born 25 March 1952) 
  • Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita (1624 – March 29, 1688) 
And now note the recent Additions to the Deaths in 2018 sites provides the following:
 And by pooling All the March days together:
  • “March 1, 2(x2), 3, __, 5, 6(x2), 7 , 8, 9, __ , 11, 12, ..., 15,__, 17, ..., 21, ..., 25, __, 27,__, 29(x2)/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster .  
Seven days that are open game.  That’s a lot of homework!!   If you were to choose one, which do you think is the “wright”   ONE/WON ?!

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