Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump’s Hairy Scarey Hair

Continuing on from my previous post, and because President Donald Trump factors into the “Henry/Harry/Hairy Theme” pattern-cluster, it occurred to me that he’s a “hairy scarey” dude himself— literally, his attribute that gets picked up on more than anything else it seems, is his hairy-scarey hair!!  This is yet another inner twin world strategic design influence.  Another person factoring in indirectly, is Harrison Ford.  So let’s put their name together and google it.  Note what crops up on the first page:
  •      Donald Harrison (born June 23, 1960) is an American jazz saxophonist from New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  •  Don Harrison (August 8, 1937 – May 2, 1998) was an anchor on CNN Headline News from 1982 until his death from renal cancer in 1998. 
  •     The Don Harrison Band  were a 1970s American roots rock band that featured Don Harrison on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Stu Cook on bass and piano and Doug Clifford on drums and percussion. Stu Cook and Doug... 
  • G. Donald Harrison  (April 21, 1889 – June 14, 1956) was responsible for the design of some of the finest and largest pipe organs in the United States
The last one died on Trump’s Birthday!!   And He was born on the 111th day of the year... opposite from this day is the day of the year that has 111 remaining— 9/11!!   The second one has the same birthday as my ex husband ... and note the cryptic “two May/Toumai” in his date of death... my name is May!!

 I guess we should investigate the Don Harrison band.