Friday, December 8, 2017

Howdy Whitehoushe, Wan Shum Sheven Up

I’ve noticed a “7th Day” pattern cluster  cropping up, and then I saw a connection with the recent “Up” pattern cluster— a cryptic reference to “7 Up”, the soft drink.  The number 7 as other cryptic inferences that bring us to my computer keyboard where the 7 shares the same key as the “&” symbol.  And now we need to think artistically—  the shape of the & is similar to a simple line drawing of a duck, and it just so happens that Trish MacGregor who features in this blog given that she’s another key player in the inner twin worlds “Starr Family Production”, is herself a novelist who has often used the pen name “Allison Drake”— drake  happens to be the word for a “male duck”.  And, her birthday falls on the 7th day!!  These are flourishes and nuances that make up a vastly detailed communication— a cryptic language where the only main similarity to any of our modern languages in that it consists of patterns and so can be interpreted.

And now, note from the 7 Up wiki page:
7 Up was created by Charles Leiper Grigg, who launched his St. Louis–based company The Howdy Corporation in 1920.
Okay, before we deal with the founder, note the name of the corporation that has the sland word “Howdy”.  This is an addition to the recent “Speech Irregularity Theme” pattern-cluster... and it lets us know we’re on the “wright” track.  His first name is an addition to the recent “Charlie/Char lie” pattern-cluster... a name that contains the cryptic phrase “char lie” aka “red hot(angry) lie”, which in this case I consider to be a way for the inner twin world to say that they’re angry with the lie.  The “lie” being that the fact that they have had to remain hidden from our outer twin world.  They set the stage of their “Starr Family Production” in order to bring attention/communicate this lie to us, and that is why they influenced the MacGregor’s with their “censorship campaign”— censoring the truth/evidence that sheds light on the existence of our inner twins and their  inner twin world.  Of course it makes sense, few would wish to remain closeted forever.  Charles surname Grigg originates from Gregory... as does the surname MacGregor, and this is no coincidence, butt another strategic design influence.  Note the etymology:
  • Grigg: a diminutive of Gregory— to be “awake”, “watchful”.     
The definition re “awake”, is an addition to the recent “Sleep/Awake theme” pattern-cluster.    Note the title of yesterdays post: R.E.M. Wake Up... Heads Up!!.  And there’s a cryptic element to the name Gregory: it breaks down into “great/grey gory”. There is a great danger on the horizon that both our worlds need to face, and this danger is demonstrated with the MacGregor’s... and in particular has to do with where they — Wellington, Florida.  This blog covers the details if you wish to investigate further.  In the meantime, note from Grigg’s wiki page:
  • Charles Leiper Grigg (May 11, 1868 – April 16, 1940)
His birthday stands out.  Given the recent June 11 investigation, we now have a “__, May 11, June 11, __/ 11th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.

Thinking about it, a more thorough “June 11” investigation was long overdue given the birthday of my step granddaughter, June 12, and then mine, June 13, that generates a  cluster of two, and then now with President Trump’s birthday, June 14, coming onto the scene, we have a“June ... 12, 13, 14... / Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.    However, for whatever reason, the inner twin world obviously didn’t take me down that road, at least not until now when they opened the door with the MacGregor’s recent post, Moore & Franken Meet the Trickster, that in turn became the focus of my December 6 post: Trump Up... Cook Up... Sea Up: .  The MacGregor’s post mentions 4 notable persons who I had investigated:
And now, with this new cluster cropping up on the scene, Moore’s birthday stands out ... expanding it  into a:
  • “February ... 11, __, __, May 11, June 11... / 11th Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster
As will most of my investigations there’s much that doesn’t make it into a post, however I do keep records of it in draft form.  Such is the case with my “June 11” investigation, and so I decided at this stage to consider that I’m being directed back to  unfinished business with the draft . There was so much that I had uncovered— a long list of names that stood out... and then some of their dates (birth/death),  much of which focus’ on the MacGregor’s and in particular Rob.  Note this particular group of notables who were either born or died on June 11:
  • Frank Lee Beard (born June 11, 1949) is the drummer in the American rock band ZZ Top.
  • Daniel Carter Beard (June 21, 1850 – June 11, 1941) 
  • Miller Westford Barber, Jr. (March 31, 1931 – June 11, 2013)
As you can see, we have a “Beard Theme” pattern-cluster in the works.   And note the “ZZ” in Frank Beard’s Band ... a group of letters that implies “sleep” and so another addition to the “Wake/Sleep Theme” pattern-cluster.  So the question that now remains, is what are the inner twin world trying to say?!  The word “beard”, brings to mind “cover up”. It covers up the chin which happens to be a particular area of the body that’s revealing — as to evidence pointing toward the inner twin (a laterally joined conjoined twin similar to that of the Hensel twins who appear to be one person with two heads when in fact each head controls one side of the body.  What I’m referring to is the “cleft chin”— evidence of where the two heads joined “near” perfectly... butt not quite at the very tip of the chin.  It could very well be that this played a part in nature evolving men to have beards— perhaps at one time it was more widely known that humans could actually be two persons in one, and that it was not considered a good thing... something that should be discouraged and so any evidence would result in ostracizing... and/or killing.  The cleft chin becomes prominent after puberty ... which for young men means that the evidence simply becomes hidden by their beard.   And this type of “war” against the inner twin world had other effects— causing them to go “underground”— hiding themselves from us, however waiting and preparing for the time when they could “come out” and “communicate” to us.  Still they being wary, would have to make sure that we become fully aware of their power in order to quell any resistance ... and prevent useless, barbaric witch hunts.

This “cover up” brings me now to the MacGregor’s cover up— their “censorship campaign” against the inner twin world.   The “beard” also points to Rob MacGregor who has a ... well, a  “stubble” beard.  So venturing to their blog, I key “beard” into the search box that in turn provides me with a number of posts, butt one stands out because it was posted on February 11... an addition to the cluster and a “heads up”, and here’s the post title and link :
The post contains a photo of Rob (with stubble beard) pointing to the 2 Bernie Sanders bumper stickers described in the post, one being their own vehicle and so also showing their license plate (see below) where I can plainly see the first 3 numbers— 728 ... and this serves as another  valuable lead (another inner twin design influence that in turn connects  to a date re 7/2/8).  Here’s the excerpt from their post where beard factors in:
  • Why is Sanders so popular with your age group? The bearded guy, a teacher, just laughed. “Well, that’s easy. He’s for the people.”
And so let’s turn to the MacGregor’s license plate re 728.  The numbers as a date ... and most recent,  is July 2, 2008.  Venturing to the July 2 wiki page and to the deaths section and to the year 2008, we arrive at:
2008  Bo Diddley, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1928)
2008 – Mel Ferrer, American actor (b. 1917)
2008 – Cevher Özden, Turkish banker and businessman (b. 1933)
Now I’m sure they each factor in, butt the one that seems to apply the most is Mel Ferrer.  Of the info on the three above his is the only one that has a 7– his year of birth.   And there are other clues pointing to his being the “one”—  his first and last name is a cryptic “melt smith/fire” and so jiving with the “Hot Theme” pattern-cluster.  And it’s true that this cluster is multifaceted in what it communicates— hot meaning “anger” that relates to the MacGregor’s lie ; and hot meaning “global warming” — that causes sea levels to rise as a result of glaciers melting and waters heating and expanding, both of which poses a threat to the MacGregor’s and those living in Florida that much too close to sea level for comfort.  There is a third factor that puts Florida and the MacGregors at risk— their position near the outer “rim” of the North American Plate means that it’s destined to “resettle” (read about the phenomena in this blog).   So essentially, the inner twin world influenced not only where the MacGregor’s live, butt their name and their role as antagonist’s (liars) in their Starr Family Production.  Note from Mel’s wiki page:
  • Melchor Gastón Ferrer[1] (August 25, 1917 – June 2, 2008) 
My granddaughters birthday is August 25, a heads up to let me know that I’m on the “wright” track.  Because “7” is a focus re “7 Up”, I first checked out his films that were released in ‘77:
Eaten Alive (1977) as Harvey Wood
Gangbuster (1977) as Peseti, the Boss
The Pajama Girl Case (1977) as Professor Henry Douglas
Seagulls Fly Low (1978) as Roberto Micheli
The one that stands out the most is Eaten Alive — the poster shows a “ bearded”  man for one.   And so this prompted me to read the entire wiki page of the film, where I came to:
 Its gratuitous violence became the focal point of many social critics in the UK, including a very vocal crusader for the moral minority Mary Whitehouse, and consequently all video copies were removed from retail stores
  Do note her surname “Whitehouse”... and remember US President Trump (born June 14) works and lives in the Whitehouse ... and note from her wiki page:

Constance Mary WhitehouseCBE (née Hutcheson; 13 June 1910 – 23 November 2001

I was born on her birthday and she died on my mothers birthday.  And another of his films stands out ... also Released during a year with twin numbers at the end:
Oh... Rosalinda!! (1955) as Capt. Alfred Westerman
Another addition to the “Rose/Colour Theme” pattern-cluster.   And his character surname Westerman also stands out.

Tou Bee Continued...

Rob and I watched the New Hampshire primary this evening, the first after the