Friday, December 15, 2017

Dawn Don My Pants!!

The recent “Dawn/Don Theme” pattern-cluster needs further investigating.  Namely the word “don” and one of it’s etymology definitions:
  • don (v.)early 14c. contraction of do on (see doff:... contraction of do off, preserving the original sense of do as "put."
We use the word today re “don clothing”— “put on clothes”.   So this reminds me of “pants”... as in an episode involving my “bully” ex husband who many years ago while working on the highways, had snuck up behind a coworker who was holding up a stop/go sign to direct traffic and yanked down the unsuspecting co-workers pants.  My ex said that he didn’t realize that the action would result in his underwear being yanked down in the process as well as his pants.  Long story short, the co-worker refused to bend over to pull up his own pants, telling my ex that he pulled them down so he needs to pull them up.  There was no traffic at the time, butt cars were coming.  As it turns out, the white hat boss ordered my ex to pull up his coworkers pants — WRIGHT CALL!!

So this is how I look at it: during my horrific court battle fighting for not only LIFE, butt DIGNITY, my pants (metaphorically) was yanked down without a moment of remorse.  And so now here I stand... butt ass naked (metaphors) and the traffic will soon arrive, and I refuse to budge in pulling up my pants.... you get my drift WRIGHT!!  The dawn of this next era that will usher in the inner twin world... and their ability to save the day will come when the PERPETRATOR’S pull up my pants, and by this I mean “neighbours” at home and “neighbors” abroad!!