Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas NZ!!

Of those listed on the Deaths in 2017 site under December 22nd, three have another common ground:
Each died and were “born” in December.  The birthdays of the first two generating a “December 14, __, 16/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  It’s hard to say exactly how the third, Bedsole, connects with the other two, his birthday being further away, butt we can be sure he does.  The surname Lowndes has the word “low” within... a prominent word int he inner twin world’s scheme— their Starr Family Production.  If you key “low” into this blogs search box you’ll learn the cryptic meaning behind the word.  That his name contains a word, “low”, brings us to the “ndes” ending of his name, and considering it as an addition to the “Add a Letter Makes a Word/Name” pattern-cluster, his full name then communicates: “low Andes”. The Andes are a mountain chain and so hardly “low”... butt part of the Andes lay on the outer rim of North American Plate... that’s in the process of “lowering”, as countless posts in this blog will explain on investigating the word “low”.

On googling  “Andes”, something caught my eye:

Alive (1993 film) - WikipediaRelease date: January 15, 1993

 I watched the film years ago, butt it’s the release date that caught my attention— January 15 being the birthday of both my son and life partner (born 22 years apart).  The film depicts the true story — the crash of Uruguay Air Force Flight 571 in the Andes Mountains.  On the films wiki page and from among the list of cast, one stands out
 And as you can see, it’s not just his noteworth name!!  He was born on the same day as Bedsole (see above)... and now we can see the connection— the inner twin world letting us know that we’re on the “wright” track.  At this point I should mention as well that my daughter was born on January 21s, and so we also have a “__, December 21, January 21, __/ 21st Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster.
On Noseworthy’s wiki page one excerpt stands out:
Think about it, Jack played “Bobby” Francois in the film Alive, and then he played “Bobby” Kennedy in Killing Kennedy... and President Kennedy’s nickname is “Jack”... it all comes full circle... a cryptic circle that is.   Note from the wiki pages of the two Kennedy’s:
And now,  THAT takes the cake—  Bobby Kennedy’s middle name “Francis” that connects now with Noseworthy’s character surname “Francois”.   AND,  I hadn’t noticed this until now— that J.F. Kennedy was assassinated just 2 days before Robert’s birthday, hence generating a “November 20, __, 22/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.   So lets bridge the gap.   On The November 21 wiki page using the formula ( to those listed under the Deaths Section and in particular to those who passed away during a year having 3 identical numbers at the end), we arrive at:
  • 1999  Quentin Crisp (25 December 1908 – 21 November 1999) actor, author...
  • 2000  Ernest Lluch (21 January 1937 - 21 November 2000)  politician 
What’s the chances of Christmas Day cropping up.... AND my daughters birthday!?  This is no coincidence, butt inner twin strategic influence... all I had to do was follow their leads— evidence they had strategically put in place.   AND, taking into consideration the “one off” curve ball, that prompts us to stretch outside the batters box, we arrive at two individuals listed very close (one above and one below) to Crisp and Lluch:
  • 1995 – Noel Jones (December 22, 1940 – November 21, 1995) politician
  • 2007 – Noel McGregor(18 December 1931 – 21 November 2007)NZ cricketer 
Note their first name, Noel, are the same... AND relate to Christmas Day!! And consider as well that today here in Canada, is December 24th... Christmas Eve!!  And also keep in mind that in New Zealand, it’s Christmas Day... and my daughter is there right now with her New Zealander husband and their new son, celebrating Christmas.   Again this is no coincidence— the inner twin world have placed their signature— they’re letting  us know that they played a hand in  the assassination of JFKennedy!!  AND note their birthdays— both in December!!   I should mention now, that both my sisters are born in December— 14th and 18th.  As you can see, McGregor and my older sister are born on the same day.     AND, the surname McGregor connects to the MacGregor’s— Rob and Trish who are key players (antagonists) in the inner twin worlds “Starr Family Production”.  The MacGregors play consistent parts in this blog... including the very first one.  And we go way back to 2009 when I began my first blog “Toumai”.

It’s very hard to feel the joy of Christmas when all around is chaos... butt that essentially is what life is all about... from my experience anyway.  My life has been influenced in such a way that I could handle it!!