Thursday, December 14, 2017


This morning I received news from my cousin June that her mother, my aunt Kay, had passed away yesterday, on December 13.  As I mention in one of my posts yesterday, December 13 is a date that has significance to me and the inner twin world—  it’s the anniversary of my car crash that occurred in 2000,  a pivotal life changing event that put me on the road to awareness of the inner twin world.  Simply put, they influenced the event as part of their means of "waking" me up to their existence and to the part they have designated for me to play in their "Starr Family Production". 

I recollect mentioning my aunt Kay in at least one of my posts, and the reason has to do with her name “Kay”, first because of it’s similarity to my name “May” and so an addition to the “Rhymes” pattern-cluster,  and second because it’s phonetically identical to the letter “K”, that in turn is significant due to it being the “11th” letter of the alphabet—  sequences of identical numbers are a signature of the inner twin world, and sequences of 1’s in particular hold other meaning in that they make parallel lines ie:11... and so a cryptic representation of our “parallel” worlds.  And note the similarity of number 1 and l (L’s small letter form that’s pronounced the same as French “elle”— another design influence) and then also factoring in is the large letter I ( pronounced “eye”), a letter that’s used in Roman Numerals —equivilant to Arabic number 1.  The inner twin  have strategically influenced “cryptic” details such as the ones listed above found in various numbers and letters.  And so French “elle” and English “eye” via the cryptic connection demonstrated above, is designed to communicate “her eye/I”— with the “her” being a cryptic reference to the inner twin “matriarchal” world.  And in the same sense, we have the word “won” connecting to number 1(one) that expands the communication “won her eye/I”.   So this deciphers into modern English as: “there is ONE THING that the inner twin world SEE’s, something that has won (gained) their eye (attention)”, and the importance of this “ONE THING” is so great that they have come up with a plan— a way to share what they SEE with our outer twin world, because in so doing it brings hope for our mutual survival.  Obviously, I’m aware, after all they broached me as part of their “Starr Family Production”— their means of coming out and communicating to us at this point in time.  And so the question that you need to ASK now, is “what is the ONE THING?!”  I’ll give you a clue— the word “see” is phonetically identical to “sea” and letter “C/c”... and do note how the letter looks like a cresting wave, and that a wave is also the motion of the hand... another way of saying  “hello”, “goodbye”  or to get ones attention ie: a student waves their hand in order to ask the teacher a question.  It is also interesting to note that my surname is “Ocean”... and so connected to “sea/see/c”.

Note the following excerpt from the post where my aunt Kay factors in, from my earlier Toumai Blog posted on August 30, 2011 entitled, "ASK"... who...Dr. House?! \(Part 1)

                    Well... for one, the word "ASS" is  phonetically sounded out in the begining of "ASK", hmmm... so really it should be spelled "ASSK"... am I nott right?!   Sure smacks of inner twin shenanigans.  Since I began this blog the inner twin world have made their fair share of "bun" puns  ;-)(-;  
Then it dawned me that ASK could be broken down into a cryptic form of "As 'K'" ... or "As 11" (given that "K" is the11th letter in the alphabet... and then again "As !!").  Then what  immediately came to mind is that "As Kay" is a short version of saying "As with Kay".  Okay... I'm reminded that I do know a person by the name of Kay--my aunt Kay (my dad's sister in law).   I haven't seen or heard from my aunt in a very long time, however just recently at the Vautour family reunion, when speaking with my cousin June, (Kay's oldest daughter), I discover that my aunt Kay had a close brush with death just recently...  from what I was able to gather, she suffered a brain anerism. 
I included the first paragraph because both “Aske” and “Ass” have cropped up in post investigations over  the last few days, so additions to the “Timely” pattern-cluster.  And note this next excerpt from the post:
  • KAI (3):   Means "sea" in Hawaiian.
I must have understood it as pronounce "Kay"... after all May and Mai pronounced the same. Kai is actually pronounced as in "hi/high"... hmmm, Kai rhymes with "high" and "hi" jives with May/Kay.  This is what I refer to as a "purposeful mistake/accident"(just like my car crash of 2000).  In the case of Kai, the inner twin world influenced me to pronounce it wrong, knowing that I would revisit ... make the correction, and then decipher why the inner twin world staged the mistake in the first place-- to connect "sea" with "hi/high".  And indeed, the kai (sea) is high... and "high waves" connects with "hi waves"

It’s interesting that Dr. House crops up in the post, note the following regarding the character:
Gregory HouseM.D., commonly referred to by his surname House, is the title character of the American medical drama series House. Created by David Shore and portrayed by English actor Hugh Laurie,
  • David Shore (born July 3, 1959)  
  • James Hugh Calum Laurie ( born 11 June 1959)
The inner twin world also designed/influenced names to factor in.  And the above names contain cryptic phrases that in a roundabout way points to the “ONE THING” that you too need to see/sea”. First of all we have the surname “Shore” that's also a word, meaning: land adjacent to the sea. Secondly we have “Laurie” that contains a phonetic/ cryptic combination of “low re” and "Lower e".   The word "low" is easy enough to decipher, the word "re" takes a bit more work, note the etymology:
  • re :"with reference to," ... "in the matter of," ..."matter, thing".
Interesting, the use the word "thing"... that now connects to "ONE THING".  So the "ONE THING", has to do with "low" and "shore/land adjacent to the sea".  Now what you have to understand is that I already know what they're referring to, because I've been following their communication for some time, much of which is a reiteration.  Also keep in mind that the MacGregor's who I refer to often in both my blogs, are also key players (antagonists) in the inner twin worlds Starr Family Production (albeit hostile).  The inner twin world are able to influence the lives of everyone... given that we each have an inner twin and the fact that they work in conjunction with one another.  They influence us ... and the world, whether we accept that truth or not.

And now that you know that the MacGregor's play a role, note the Dr. House characters first name:  Gregory... from whence MacGregor originates.  The name translates into a cryptic "great/grey gore".  The inner twin world influenced the name and influenced where the MacGregor's live-- Wellington Florida.  You see, Florida is dangerously "low"-- too close to sea level for comfort, especially knowing that sea levels are rising, butt there's another factor that is not being considered-- that Florida lay dangerously close to the tectonic Plate edge that's in the process of "resettling"... for the same reason that the same Plate is rebounding in other areas... areas that had been covered by great sheets of glacial ice during the previous glacial period/cycle.  I won't go into detail, however if you key "low" into this blogs search box, you'll be provided with all the information you need as to "low"  being part of the overall warning in regards to the "One Thing"-- a specific event that has happened before... hence "re" definition "again" re "redo". 

On perusing the posts in my Pronoiasecret blog that mentions the name "Kay", I come across one (here) that I find more meaningful than the others, due to this excerpt:
Note from William Spier's wiki page:  He was also married to Kay Thompson and then to June Havoc until his death in 1973.
First of all note the "spy/see" in the surname Spier's.  Secondly we have the first names Kay AND June-- my aunt Kay has a daughter named June... made that much more meaningful given that my name is May (though I was born in June)!!  This is all as part of the inner twin worlds grand design--their Starr Family Production that I and individuals related to me, play an intricate part.  Obviously, my aunt Kay and cousin June are not aware that their names... and lives have been influenced.  Note from the wiki pages of Spier's wives:
  • Kay Thompson (born Catherine Louise Fink; November 9, 1909[1] – July 2, 1998)
  • June Havoc (born Ellen June Hovick,[3] November 8, 1912 – March 28, 2010) 
They're birthdays are one day apart, hence generating a "November __, 8, 9, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   Other things factor in.  Note Kay's surname is in origin "Thomas Son"... with Thomas being a particular inner twin signature given that it means "Twin" in origin and so an addition to the "Twin Theme" pattern-cluster.  Her birthday, 11/9 is a "reverse" of 9/11-- designed as a means of communicating "reversal of 9/11 war trend".  After all, they influenced the events of 9/11 in 2001... including and especially the "TWIN" Towers destruction!!  Keep in mind that as of 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year, so 11 and 111 are found within 9/11!!  And indeed, they are wrecking havoc-- waging war against our world.  And from that arises another question-- WHY?!

Kay Thompson's date of death connects with David Shore's birthday, hence we now have a "July 2, 3, 4(x3)" pattern-cluster.  I added the three July 4's given the info found in this blogs Header:
On July 4th, 3 Of the first "5" US Presidents had died: Jefferson "5" hours before Adams, and Monroe "5" years later on the "55th" Independence Day. 
 As for Laurie's date of birth, June 11, it too has significant meaning given that my step granddaughter and I are born on June 12 and 13 respectively... AND, because President Donald Trump's birthday is June 14, hence generating a "June 11, 12, 13, 14/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Everything has been made to connect in cryptic fashion!!

Another influence worth mentioning is K-9, a reference to special police dogs... that's a play on "canine", and now take into consideration that K is the 11th letter, and then with that in mind, K-9 becomes then becomes 11-9... again, the reverse of 9/11!!  So we now need to consider why/how "DOG" factors into the communication?!

Tou Bee Continued...