Sunday, December 24, 2017

Claus Land

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under December 21:
Their surnames have “land” in common— a “Land theme” pattern-cluster.   As well their surnames contain cryptic phrase “cause/Claus land” and “row lands”.  Christmas only a 9 minutes from now more than fitz!!  Note from their wiki page:
  • Halvard Magne Kausland (25 April 1945 – 21 December 2017) 
  • June Rowlands (May 14, 1924 – December 21, 2017)  
Kausland’s birthday is an addition to a cluster found in my previous post, expanding it into an:
  •    “April 25, __, 27, 28(x2), 29(x2)/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.
Bridging the gap using the formula as per usual and taking into consideration the “one off” curve ball, we arrive at:
Her surname stands out, note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • Thomas Browning Burtt (22 January 1915 – 24 May 1988)
A “Brown Theme” pattern-cluster.  Note from Rosemary Brown’s wiki page:
  •  Rosemary Brown (née Wedderburn; June 17, 1930 – April 26, 2003),
Her birthday and the birthday of this blog, June 19, generates a “June 17, __, 19/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.   Bridging the gap using the formula, we arrive at:
2000  Nancy Marchand (June 19, 1928 – June 18, 2000American actress 
Her surname is close enough re “March land”... March is named after Mars the God of War.  And now note her birthday... the cluster expands into a:
  •  “June 17, 18, 19(x2)/ Date Sequence” 
And so back to Rosemary Brown, note from her wiki page:
  •  In 1975, she became the first black woman to run for the leadership of a Canadian federal party..., finishing a strong second to Ed Broadbent
Note from Ed Broadbent’s wiki page:
  •  John Edward "Ed" Broadbent (born March 21, 1936) 
His birthday is an addition to a cluster found in myprevious post, expanding it into a:
  •   November 21(x4), December 21, January 21(x2), __,  March 21, April 21, May 21/ 21st Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster
Bridging the gap... using the formula we arrive at:
Each of their birthdays stand out, Juutilainen’s being the most obvious since he died on his birthday.  Elion’s Birthday is an addition to the “Targeting Family Birthdays” pattern-cluster, January 23rd being the birthday of my grandson.   As for Mizell, note from my previous post:
  •  Enos Bradsher Slaughter (April 27, 1916 – August 12, 2002)
  • Anne,who passed away  on August 11, 2015, 
And so generating an “August 11, 12, 13/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.