Sunday, July 5, 2015

Whitehouse Up: Independence Day

Given my recent posts where it's more than evident that the inner twin world had encrypted evidence leading up to and pointing to the events of 9/11.  Namely via film and even in the poster ads for films.  So I couldn't help butt wonder if there are films that include notable buildings. What immediately came to mind was the Whitehouse.  So I googled "images of the whitehouse in films".  One particular film brought up by the search engine, stood out:White House Down.  

It was the only one that had a suggestion of "destruction" in the title with the word "Down"... not that I was looking for this, butt I have to admit that it's in keeping with the destructive trend!!  Perhaps we can avoid destruction by being proactive--finding the "pattern-clusters" and their hidden meanings/communication and so not leaving it to the inner twin world to force the issue by bringing it to our attention via a 9/11 type of destructive event.

So venturing to the films wiki page, I noted the following: 

Release dates
  • June 26, 2013 (Indonesia)
  • June 28, 2013 (United States)
What stood out was the date of June 28th.  I recollect this cropping up just recently.  Note this excerpt from my recent July 4th post, György Szabad RIIP: Do the Math
From the Batthyany Society of Professors wiki page is a list of notable members, some of whom stand out due to their birth/death dates: 
So now note from Borhidi's wiki page: 
Borhidi Attila (born 28 June 1932)
And then note this next excerpt from the same post:
György Szabad
Speaker of the National Assembly
In office
3 August 1990 – 27 June 1994
Keep in mind, that Szabad passed away just recently, on July 3rd... a 'timely' death!!  AND, one day before US Independence Day (also the day of Death for 3 US Presidents)... AND adding to the mix is the films subtitle on its poster ad re INDEPENDENCE DAY!!
White House Down
White House Down poster with billing block.jpg
Theatrical release poster