Monday, July 20, 2015

Blake RIIP (Part 2) Prudent to Kneel Son

My partner and I went to a large "Celebration of Blake's Life"... our new friend who had recently died.  He was quite renown around our parts: actor (theatre), writer, nature enthusiast, bird watcher, singer, world traveller... and the list goes on, so needless to say, many people were in attendance, and many people stood up to speak highly of Blake, one of them was a woman named "Elizabeth".

When Cathy and I visited Blake in hospital he asked us if we would get word out to his friend "Elizabeth" from Terrence Bay... he wanted to see her.  As it turns out she found out through the grapevine and planned to visit (which she did).  By this time, he was well aware that it was likely that he wouldn't make it, and so in that note he asked Elizabeth if she could do something for him.  And that something she relayed to all of us during the celebration:
"Blake mentioned that his 61st birthday is April 6th, and then he asked that I bake a big cake and put his name on it (along with that of another man who I assume is her husband),  because he was aware that his( the other man's) birthday is on April 5th. Blake also said that he would be watching to make sure I did it "...(jokingly...hmm).  
So what I see in the above is an "April 5, 6/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... and of course I can't help butt wonder why?!  One thing about this cluster, is that part of the missing sequence (the April 4th part) is particularly meaningful given that together the numeric version of the month and day is 4/4... and this is particularly meaningful because the street number where Blake lived is 144... and this is one of the reasons why... along with the cryptic meaning in his surname "Maybank" (my name being "May"), had convinced me to take him up on his offer to reclaim his vegetable garden beds from the weeds that had taken over.  So what you now need to be aware is that the twin 44 conveys in a cryptic fashion "$$" (money), as intentionally designed and influenced by the inner twin  world who influenced the keyboard design of my computer to have the number 4 share the same key as the $ dollar sign.

A prominent date then is 4/4/4 and/or 4/4/44, so going to the April 4th wiki page, note the following:
WOW!!  This name stands out due to the following information found in this blogs stats page:


Of the thousands of posts in this blog, the post involving Nelson Prudencio has the highest amounts of hits to date!!   Note from his wiki page: 

Nelson Prudêncio (April 4, 1944 – November 23, 2012)
If you read my posts over the last few days one of the dates repeatedly cropping up is November 23rd, it's also my mothers birthday, hence another addition to the "Targeting Family birthdays" pattern-cluster.

The cryptic message remains the same today as it was back on November 24, 2012-- it would be 'prudent' for our outer twin world to "kneel".