Sunday, July 12, 2015

Giacomo Biffi RIIP: Bologna

The inner twin world tend to generate pattern-clusters surrounding dates that have "identical number sequences", and since yesterday's July 11th fits the bill, there's little doubt that they would have influenced 'timely' deaths as part of the strategy of war against our world.  So with that in mind, note the following that stands out from Wikipedia's Deaths in 2015 site under July 11th:
Two things immediately stand out as being typical of inner twin influence.  First there's the cryptic phrase in his surname "biff I", that communicates "I hit", note the etymology:
biff (v.) Look up biff at"to hit," 1877... Related: Biffedbiffing. As a noun, attested from 1881.
So note the twin '77 in the first year and then the break down of the second year into 18/81, two sets of numbers that are twins, butt in "reverse" to one another.  The interesting thing as well about these numbers if that when flipped upside down it's still obviously 1881.

This now leaves me with the other thing that stood out in the first excerpt above-- the place name "Bologna".  As you may bee well aware already, the name is often used in the English language to describe "nonsense", and is often spelled as "boloney".   This is more than likely another design influence of the inner twin world, and because this word and place name has cropped up in earlier posts in this blog, I decided to key "Bologna" into this blogs search box.

A small handful of posts had been brought up, butt one in particular stood out, my October 17, 2012 post entitled, Twin Age Synchro- Deaths RIIP, note this excerpt: 
The amount of notable persons passing away on October 11 at "twin" ages is far more than what the odds dictate, and I've never seen the likes of it before!!
On reading the post you'll see what I refer to: of the 11 notable persons who were listed as having died on October 11, 2012, a total of 6 had died at a 'twin' age, two died at 66, one at 77, two at 88 and one at 99.

The search engine had brought up the post due the following info regarding one of the 11:
Pier Ugo Calzolari, 74, Italian academic, Rector of University of Bologna (2000–2009).
Pier Ugo was associated with the University of "Bologna". Now note from his wiki page:
Pier Ugo Calzolari (11 March 1938 – 11 October 2012)
As you can see, he was also born on the 11th!!  We can be sure, that this is an inner twin signature, and that we are on the 'wright' track.   So taking this as a prompt to continue investigating Giacomo Biffi, I then turned to his wiki page where I noted the following:
Giacomo Biffi (13 June 1928 – 11 July 2015)
His birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster... given that June 13 is my birthday.  As I've stated many times before, the inner twin world has influenced my life in a profound way... as part of their means of "communicating" and "coming out" to us... hence why I'm 'wrighting' this blog and my Toumai Blog.

Tou bee continued...